28 Jan

2015 Best of the Blog

Kahn’s Catering brought some great topics to light in 2015 to help our clients and others considering the use of our services, plan their events with ease and with the assistance of our expertise. Whether it is a corporate function, social occasion or  a wedding we have advice for many types of events!


Great Information for Anyone

How to Choose Your Caterer

Choosing a caterer should be easy, but when you’re commemorating a special event it makes an otherwise easy task difficult. Set your expectations and learn how to best shop around for the quality food, beverage and service you desire. Remember, you can’t compare apples to oranges.

Guest Count Counts!

The quickest way to control event costs is to control the number of guests you invite. This blog will help you understand why guest count matters and how it applies to event planning and event execution.

How to Make the Most of Your Planning Meeting   (This was written for weddings….but it applies to anyone!)

The old adage ‘Time is money’ is still true in this new millennium. Don’t waster your time during your planning meetings and be prepared to make decisions. Planning meaning are meant for planning! Not making decisions on the spot.

Catering for Food Allergies and Intolerance

More and more individuals are discovering food allergies and intolerances exist among their guests and the dive deeper into the planning process. Learn a little information about the most prominent types of food allergies and intolerance and how a great caterer to still create a memorable meal for any guest with a special diet.

Catering Vocabulary 101

What is standard language to us may be incredibly unfamiliar to you. Brush up on some common industry terms so you have a better understanding of event catering as you shop for and begin working with your Indianapolis caterer.

Catering Service Styles 101

Gone are the days of buffet only weddings and box lunch meetings! Catering service styles not only impact the overall feel of an event, but they can also impact your budget.

Tasting Food Like a Master Chef

Get the most out of any meal by truly enjoying and tasting your food just like a professional culinarian. Expand your mind and your palate with this great tasting information!


Corporate Event 

How to Ensure Your Corporate Event Avoids Speedbumps

Don’t get stuck the day of your corporate event with complete shock if something doesn’t go to plan. Avoid speedbumps by taking certain steps for success so your corporate event goes off without a hitch.

The Corporate Meeting Checklist

Not every corporate meeting is planned by a corporate meeting planner. For those of us that aren’t, having a checklist to guide you through the planning process is helpful!

Organizing a Company Awards Dinner

Award dinners are great ways to celebrate a solid year of hard work. Organize a dinner that is meaningful and celebratory of your staff!

Corporate Holiday Party Checklist

Not every holiday party is during the holiday season. Use this checklist to help you plan your party and give you some great ideas to having a holiday party better than years past!

Maximizing Meeting Productivity with Food

Keep your attendees from being down and drowsy during the keynote with healthy foods meant to jump start the brain and maintain creativity. Don’t forget to plan a snack break during the afternoon to keep your team focused after lunch.


Social Occasions

4 Sure Fire Tips for Hosting a Successful Seated Dinner

Seated dinners are more than welcoming guests to enjoy a meal. Make the most of your seated dinner with 4 sure fire tips for success!

5 Tips for Making Dinner Party Planning Easy

Entertaining at home is always fun and a dinner party is a great excuse to enjoy time with friends and family. Let your entertaining come with ease. 

Thanksgiving Planning Checklist

Thanksgiving dinner is quite the event! Don’t stress. Keep the course and follow this handy guide to help you plan and host an incredible, memorable Thanksgiving meal.



The Secret to Getting the Best Information During Your Venue Search

We love love and are thrilled you’re getting married! Once you create a vision for your event, planning should be a breeze, but until you are able to give more than your fiance’s name as details about your wedding – you might want to hold off.

Reconsidering Your Date and Time

If budgets are an important factor in your wedding, or getting a particular venue or a particular date – some considerations must be made when planning your ceremony and reception.

Why an Open Bar?

Trust us, your guests will thank you for hosting. However, even if you don’t host the bar there are several options to consider so your guests still have incredible beverage options.

Wedding Budget: Taxes, Service Charges and Other Forgotten Expenses

Planning a wedding is very exciting and it’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement of choosing a cake or picking your linens. Keep track of your expenses and factor in some of the costs that are typically forgotten and can cause a couple’s wedding budget to exceed 30% of their planned investment.

Why You Should Let Your Event Specialist Handle Your Rentals

The day of your wedding you should only be focused on two things: saying ‘I do!’ and having an incredible time. Organizing and managing your event rentals during the planning process is one thing, however on the day of your wedding the last thing you want to deal with is wondering what happened to your picture perfect linen and why it isn’t at your reception venue.

Create Stress-Free Seating Charts

Seating charts are a must if your are offering more than one menu option or you have some guests that can’t sit near others. Either way – don’t stress over creating one.

All You Need to Know about Place Cards and Escort Cards

As much as we love The Knot and other popular wedding planning websites, they simply have it wrong. Place cards and escort cards are very different from one another. Learn the differences and how to utilize each to the fullest.

6 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Engagement Party

Announce your upcoming nuptials to friends and family in a fun and exciting way. Engagements are not going out of style, but there certainly are not enough of them!

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Bridal Shower

Enjoy a special afternoon tea or perhaps a lovely Sunday luncheon or evening cocktail party with your closest friends and family as you celebrate your upcoming wedding and get showered in gifts for your new life with your fiance.




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