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Reconsidering Your Wedding Date and Time

A person’s wedding day is one of the most exciting, emotional, and significant days in their life. It might also be one of the most costly and nerve wracking. Planning a wedding can seem like a stress filled experience, particularly when it comes to costs and schedules.

Everyone wants a big turn out of friends and family, so finding a venue suitable to comfortably host all the guests is an absolute must. However, competition for the perfect wedding venue can be tough. With several other couples within the city hunting for the picture perfect space, you are neck and neck for the best date and the best place. So, what is a couple to do? Reconsider their day and date of the wedding. Planning a wedding on an off date can ensure that you get the venue and vendors you want.


Off Day Books

By far, the most popular day for a wedding is Saturday. It fits most people’s schedules, so naturally it is appealing. However, there are only so many Saturdays to go around. Fifty-two of them to be exact, and there are more couples looking to book their wedding venue for a Saturday than any other day of the week.

That puts the Saturday wedding at a premium. But what about those other weekend days? What about Fridays and Sundays? For couples planning their wedding, booking a Friday or Sunday offers some very real advantages. First of all, there is usually a cost savings in terms of venue rental costs. Secondly, you will have great flexibility when hiring vendors. Finally, off days weddings offer fewer scheduling conflicts which makes it easier to get the venue you want at the time that fits in with all of the day’s activities.


Booking the Venue for Fridays and Sundays

One of the most important decisions any couple deals with when planning their wedding is the choice of venue. There are dates and times that are constantly in demand which can make it difficult for couples to book the venue they want.

The most popular times and dates for weddings are Saturdays in Spring and Summer. Fall has gained notable popularity, extending wedding seasons well into the end of October. With dates that are high in demand, couples are competing with other couples for venue availability. However, if you shift your wedding back a day to Friday or forward a day to Sunday, it is much more likely you’ll be able to book the venue you want. Moreover, because those dates aren’t in as high of demand there is a good chance that you’ll notice some cost decreases as well.


Wedding Vendors and Off Day Bookings

Hiring vendors for your wedding is much the same as booking the venue. The more competition for the day and time, the fewer your choices of vendor and potentially the higher the costs of the service. But again, moving your wedding date to a Friday or Sunday can have a significant impact on your choice of vendors. This includes everything from your caterer to your florist; from your wedding photographer to your car rental.

Wedding Day Attendance

One of the main reasons couples choose Saturday as their preferred wedding date is to make attendance more convenient for their guests. But looking at it clearly, are friends and family going to miss the wedding of a loved one if it is not on a Saturday? Of course not. They will be there whatever day of the week you choose.

Friday, being the end of the work week, is a particularly great choice. It gives your guests a good excuse to take a long weekend off from work, gives them Saturday to recover from the wedding reception, and Sunday to enjoy themselves.

Sundays don’t offer as many benefits as Friday, but they’re still well suited to most of our guests; schedules, and they fit well with weddings structured around religious services.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes time to plan your wedding, it won’t hurt to think outside the box. Simply shifting your wedding day away from a Saturday in summer to a Saturday in winter can offer some very real benefits. Even if you elect to have a summer wedding but switch days to a Friday, you have great chances of having the venue you truly want. When it comes time to start reviewing venues and interviewing vendors, check out the very real benefits that come from booking on an off day.

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