12 May

How To Ensure Your Corporate Event Avoids Speedbumps

There are many moving parts that take place when planning a corporate event. You want the event to come across as educational, inspirational, informative and, most importantly, enjoyable for those who attend the event. Nobody really understand the hard word that happens behind the scenes when planning a corporate event except for those responsible for putting it together.

There will always be numerous daunting tasks, checklists, vendors to wrangle and manage, and steps from beginning to end to get through while keeping your cool and making sure everything gets completed on time and seamlessly. This is where I help. As an Event Specialist with years of experience in corporate event planning and execution, I have learned over time the best ways to ensure corporate events go smoothly.

Plan for Everything!

Always expect for the unexpected to happen. Prepare yourself with checklists to work with so you can stay on track based off of the required information needed by the venue, your caterer, and other vendors. The biggest part of your planning will be managing your attendees. The number of those attending directly impacts your budget, your catering preparations, and the event space you select. Our team is prepared to cater for large number, but our efforts are only as good as the numbers you provide.

Many times corporate events are planned by a committee. Appoint one person to be the direct contact between your vendors and your company. Having more than one point of contact makes things confusing and complicated for all involved. What one person says to do, another might veto to your vendor. Meeting on a regular basis with your committee to go over decisions that need to be made and find a general consensus that one person can communicate simplifies the planning process.

Allocate Funds Correctly

Your budget is very important. Budget dictates everything. Allocate funds correctly and over-budget in all areas from the very beginning to ensure you do not fall short financially in areas as you near the end of your event. This will help so you can show you came in under your estimated budget like a rock star when you do your post-event wrap-ups.

As you are planning your event, consider the budget one of the items to incorporate into the checklist for each task and item you want to include for your event. How much does everything cost? Having a realistic understanding of the costs of each feature of the event is crucial when planning.

Create a spreadsheet for your expenses and get quotes from all of the above- this is key to setting proper budgets for each category and maintain a firm budget.

Decisions Say It All

Choosing the right venue, décor, food and beverage, and other vendors to work with are a very big deal. You’re usually looking at hundreds, if not thousands of attendees to entertain and educate, so the decisions you make can make or break the event.

You’re setting the tone for your entire event with every single decision you make. Be sure to visit the venue in person to make sure it will work well for your attendees and décor. Meet your vendors in person as well. Talking over the phone can sometimes be deceiving; as some people make promises they cannot keep. Have people meet you at the venue, and make sure all of your ideas and goals are going to be met.

We will always be 100% committed to helping make your corporate event a success. I want to be on the same page as you, not only so I fully understand your expectations, but so you can be confident in trusting Kahn’s Catering to deliver on their promise.

Provide for the Attendees

Remember the attendees coming to your event are the reason why you are putting together your event in the first place. Provide them with material they want to listen to, and they will go home talking about it for weeks, or even months. Your program is the whole reason why people are drawn to the event.

Think about what message you want to portray and keep that message consistent. Keep your attendees engaged and exciting during networking events and generate buzz by providing entertainment during the event! You want to keep the crowd energized from the moment they show up, until the moment the event ends.

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