30 Mar

Catering Service Styles 101

With so many individuals adapting a foodie mentality in this millennium it’s easy to understand how choosing a catering service style can become difficult. Gone are the days of simple choices such as buffet or plated. As people expand their palates, they are also broadening their minds as to how meals are artfully presented.

Kahn’s Catering sets the standard in creating trendsetting cuisine with perfect presentation. As a catering company with the highest server to guests ratios in Indiana, we are able to impress both you and your guests with our timely meal service, regardless of the style you select.
As you choose a service style for your event there are a few points to consider:

  • What’s the mood you would like to set such as formal, relaxed, or interactive?
  • How long the event will last?
  • Do you want to provide a full meal or just hors d’oeuvres?
  • What does your budget accommodate for?

A classy name for a classy service style. Butler passed refers to wait staff carrying trays of food items and/or beverages directly to guests. Butler passing adds a special touch of elegance that can take your event to an entirely new level. Having your guests met upon arrival and served hors d’oeuvres by servers is always a great start to a special event.


Plated Meals
Classic and elegant, this is the most labor-driven style of culinary service.  Courses are prepared and plated in the kitchen, then delivered to each of your seated guests by a coordinated team of waiters.  Seated service is very personal, making it a favorite for more formal affairs.  You can either select a single option for all of your guests or ask them to make a choice of their entrée from two or three selections at the time they RSVP. While ensuring that all guests are served in a timely manner may seem like a challenge, Kahn’s Catering prides itself on having the best server to guests ratios out of any Indianapolis catering company which allows us to move through a traditional plated meal service in an hour’s time.


With this service style items are beautifully presented on a linear table set where guests process through and serve themselves what they want. Each table is presented with our finest serving equipment and decor to match your event.


Stations are a fantastic set up to make your event interesting and encourage guest interaction. With a variety of stations, attendees can move around the event, looking forward to what’s next.


Action Stations
Take it up a notch with ‘dinner and a show’. An action station is a station set up where items are prepared to order. Action stations not only provide a fresh and customizable product for your guests but are also engaging entertainment. Chef and wait staff attended food stations prepare plates to order and present them to your guests.  This versatile style affords a personalized service while maximizing the social energy and movement of the group.

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