24 Nov

Why You Should Let Your Event Specialist Handle Your Rentals

In the grand scheme of things, how much is your time and sanity worth? It’s beyond invaluable and important to you, we’re sure. The lucky few who have plenty of extra time and handfuls more of sanity may find that managing your own event rentals for your event justifies the potential, yet minor, cost savings. However, if your time is money and peace of mind is invaluable, Kahn’s Catering recommends letting a professional event specialist handle this essential but time-consuming aspect of your event. Part of our purpose is to be of service to you such a way that planning an event, regardless of size, is easy and as stress-free as possible. You will thank us for handling your rentals for you.

Curious as to why having your event specialist handle your rentals is a benefit to you?


Lower Work Load

What goes into planning and producing an event? It’s likely any combination of food, bar, lighting, linens, chairs, tables, pipe and drape, specialty lounge furniture, additional catering equipment, floral, other décor, entertainment, photography and videography. Manage your own vendors – equipment rentals or otherwise- and you’re responsible for….

  • Researching what you’ll need form each vendor and how much of each item
  • Comparing costs across vendors
  • Communicating the inevitable multiple revisions to your order
  • Confirming and reconfirming orders
  • Keeping track of deadlines
  • Coordinating load-in and load-out with the venue for each vendor
  • Checking that everyone has delivered what’s expected
  • Ensuring that everything gets returned to its proper home

We feel that choosing a photographer, videographer, florist or entertainer for an event is a very personal choice. In many instances, there is a personal relationship that develops or has been previously developed between the vendor and the client and it’s an important aspect of many events such as a wedding. We encourage you to choose your own, but are happy to provide you with our recommendations based on our previous experience with a variety of vendors in the area. You’ll be responsible for managing these four particular vendors, but these relationships are fairly simple to upkeep compared to others. Unless there is a change of date, venue or time any changes you make to your overall event should not affect their quality of work. It’s once you begin changing guest counts, number of tables and diagram, among other things, that those changes become vital and more complex to make.

Kahn’s Catering, as standard, handles all of the following rentals: tables, chairs, china, glass, silver, linens, and catering equipment. For an additional fee, we can also coordinate floral, tenting and tent flooring, tent heating, pipe and drape, audio visual rentals, and other décor elements.

One Point of Contact


When our event specialists manage your rentals, you call one person. We’re then responsible for re-configuring your order and communicating changes to the affected parties. This should be a sign of relief in your book. On average, a typical event can have as many as 10 vendors to manage. Can you imagine yourself having to contact ten separate vendors to continually communicate with regarding your event? It is bound to be confusing for someone without that type of experience.


As someone planning their own event, you may not know the questions to ask because you’ve never been in this position before. On the other hand, your event specialist knows what information vendors need to perform before the conversation begins – streamlining communication for all parties.


Working with a professional means you will reap the benefits of years of experience, failures as well as successes. We’ve already maneuvered the industry landscape so you don’t have to. We know the ‘what –ifs’ that can occur and the best ways to go around them. Our experience is what allows us to execute your event in a timely and professional manner with minimal speed bumps.



If you are going after a specific look, our expansive inventory and specialties offered by our vendor partners make the possibilities truly endless. We can help you navigate during the planning process to get you the best options available from reputable businesses that we have worked with before and understand how our team works. This is very important in terms of the day of your event. The vendors we use for various elements understand how our team works because they have worked with us before. When it comes time to set up and load in various elements for your event, they have a better handle and grasp on what we expect for success. This changes when a vendor we haven’t worked with previously is brought into the mix.

Vendor Vetting

Professionals will always know who they can rely on to be professional and follow through. We know who always shows up on time, delivers quality materials and offers fair pricing. Our recommended vendor list will provide you with our favorite vendors that have truly proven themselves over our years of experience working with them. Take our recommended vendor list into consideration when searching for event audio/visual, floral, photography and videography, officiants, or transportation services.


As event specialists with solid relationships with other vendors in the area, we have access to our selected vendors in such a way that a private individual will not. We can call for last minute changes within a given time frame and request samples that a client may not be able to get if going to a vendor on their own.

Save Time


Keep in mind that on average, someone planning a wedding will spend a minimum of 15 hours per week in the height of their planning… It’s like having a part-time job. Do you really have time for that? However, while you may not mind the endless communications that’s going to be involved in the months and weeks leading up to your event, what about the days before and the day of? Do you have time to inspect all of your linens and count plates, forks, glassware, and napkins before the event? Do you really want to be looking for the last 10 forks when everyone else has gone home after the event? This is why we save you that trouble and handle those rentals our selves. We have an entire team dedicated to the setup of events and a portion of this position is to check that you have exactly what you need as specified by your BEO and that it is available.


When working with outside vendors (meaning vendors supplies rentals not handled by Kahn’s Catering) you will face the charges of not only the rentals themselves, but the fees to handle your rental, deliver/setup, and return your rental. This is the one spot that is often not accounted for in many event budgets and a very quick way to find yourself in a position to review your numbers. Tracking those payments to a variety of companies can make things more difficult for you to manage. The benefit of sourcing your event rentals through Kahn’s Catering is that all payment goes to one place and there is far less to keep track of. While any specialty rental will have it’s cost and in many cases a fee to handle that rental on your behalf, the benefit of managing the costs of the rentals is far easier when payment for all aspects of your event is going to one place.

Seamless Event Experience


Is the experience of your guests important to you? Errors compromise service. Even professionals occasionally make mistakes, but they know how to respond to each emergency and have a reliable team to handle any situation. We are the ones working behind the scenes to find a solution, so your guests probably won’t even notice that something is awry. Take on the responsibility of managing your event and its rentals, the likelihood of making a mistake that impacts your guests experience significantly increases.

Our Thoughts

Our team will manage all of your basic event rentals including tables, chairs, china, glass, silver, linen, and catering equipment as part of our normal standard of service. This is not an additional service you pay for, it is automatically included in your Kahn’s Catering experience. This is part of what makes the Kahn’s Catering Difference so unique. In their own right, our event specialists are truly one of a kind. You won’t find this high-level of service in many other places and we are very proud of our team’s capabilities. When you host an event at one of our distinctive downtown venues or Montage, or at a venue of your choice, our service will be matched everywhere we go. Saving you time and the stress of managing aspects of your event when you should be enjoying the planning process.

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