12 May

Planning a Bar Mitvah or Bat Mitzvah Party

As your child prepares for their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah service, it’s up to the parents to busy themselves with planning a celebration of their accomplishments. There are several things that go into planning a successful Mitzvah and here are a few things to consider when planning for their transition to adulthood.

Party Location & Guest List

As we have mentioned in past blogs, guest count and budget are directly connected…. As are guest count and venue choice. Your guest list will largely determine the size the venue you need. Combining kids and adults at one venue for a celebration still remains to be the most traditional way to go, but many people opt to have a morning service, extended Kiddush luncheon for family and adults, and then a separate kid’s party with DJ entertainment.


Speaking of entertainment, you will want to think of more than just a DJ. Of course selecting a DJ to play a variety of music that your child and their friends to enjoy is important – so is selecting a DJ that will play traditional Jewish music as well. Consider other fun diversions for those that are not a fan of dancing such as a photo area, a roaming magician, or games.


This is likely the most fun potion of the planning. Selecting and implementing a theme or colors to make the space even more festive. Florist and event designers will be able to give you their best recommendations and help you bring your ideas to life. Consider your child’s passions and hobbies.

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Fun Food

In addition to a proper dinner, think about some fun foods the kids (and adults) will enjoy such as a Rice Krispy Treat Dipping Station or late-night sliders and fries. Perhaps you want barrels of gourmet popcorn  or something even more show stopping – an ice cream donut Sunday station! (Don’t forget the candy bar!)

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Candle Lighting Ceremony

For many, the candle lighting ceremony is a nice tradition that is a crucial part for many. Traditionally, the candles are set around your special cake, but if you are going for a certain look you might want to set them on a candelabra.

Goodie Bags, Favors and Contests

As with other events, it’s customary for each of the guest of honor’s friends to receive a sweatshirt, tee shirt, hat, tote bag, or other favor with a special logo, that ties in with the theme. Usually the guest of honor’s initials, or name and date of the celebration, are part of the logo.  This is a nice way for those who attended remember the special occasion.

Have an “Adult Room”

If your kid and adult parties are happening at the same time, have an “adult room.”  Many venues have two separate rooms close to each other.  The adults  can be in a separate  quieter room for cocktails, dinner and conversation, and  will join the kid’s “dance party” room to dance, and  formalities like an entrance, speeches, hora, candle lighting, and the showing of a video/photo montage.


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