19 Mar

Kahn’s Catering Events Anywhere

Kahn’s Catering loves a challenge. We’ve catered in some pretty atypical places, including airport hangers, alleys, theaters, stages, warehouses, unfinished buildings, barns, fields, and parking garages. Location should never stand between the location you’re dreaming of and the high quality cuisine you envision as part of your special event. With our passion, we are willing to travel just about anywhere to make it happen.

Kahn's Catering Events Anywhere


We can cater anywhere!


Our team works together to bring you the best service at the highest standard. We are happy to prepare, deliver, and serve you and your guests –regardless of where your party might be. From grand galas to intimate dinner parties we guarantee to turn your vision to reality, not only making it memorable, but unforgettable.

With our own trucks and inventory to bring on-site to your location we are able to provide the same premier service and trendsetting cuisine at any location in the same manner as if you were at one of our exclusive venues. Our inventory of china, glass, silver, and servingware allows us to travel and go anywhere without the need to rely on a third party vendor. Kahn’s Catering understand the challenges of event logistics when multiple vendors are needed to execute an event. Our goal is to minimize those challenges by providing our own equipment so you never need to worry about someone else being on time.


Saks Fifth Avenue Key to The Cure


Kahn’s Catering’s infrastructure and depth of talent is unparalleled in Indiana. We pride ourselves in the well-organized and coordinated efforts of our staff – we raise the standard when it comes to service. An entire team of specialists will be dedicated to your event. Event Specialists and culinary and pastry teams, food and beverage directors, banquet managers, set-up teams and trained service staff, each have a focused responsibility for the details, ensuring excellent timing and professional execution of your event.


Saks Fifth Avenue Key to The Cure



Sakes Fifth Avenue Key to The Cure


Saks Fifth Avenue Key to The Cure


Pepsi Fan Jam featuring Red Bull


With our passion and desire to provide high quality service and trendsetting cuisine, Kahn’s Catering will travel and provide you with the event you envision regardless of location.


Parties large and small can enjoy the service and cuisine of Kahn’s Catering, even if the party is in your own home.


Our clients have trusted us with their most important days. Kahn’s Catering has proudly catered the Indianapolis International Airport Grand Opening, the Central Library Grand Opening, the Palladium Grand Opening Gala, the Super Bowl Game Day Celebration on the Circle, Sak’s Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure Fundraiser for the past five years, Wishard Hospital 150th Anniversary Gala, the Simon Building Grand Opening, and several NFL Superbowl XLVI to name a few, and we are honored.


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