1 Oct

Planning the Perfect Bar Mitzvah

The bar mitzvah is a time of great occasion in the life of a young man. While a solemn occasion, it is also one of great celebration in the Jewish community. Family and congregation members gather to celebrate this significant milestone with traditional bar mitzvah festivities, often culminating in a large party. When it comes time to plan a bar mitzvah celebration for your child, there is much to consider. But by planning early, and making a few key decisions, you can celebrate this momentous occasion in style, and throw a bar mitzvah party that will not soon be forgotten.

Early Planning

The key to any celebration, not just a bar mitzvah party, is early planning. Set your day for the party well in advance so you have time to secure an event venue, send out invitations and plan all of the important details. One of the first considerations when planning a bar mitzvah party is to decide who you will be inviting. Your guest list will largely determine the size of venue you need and the type of catering you want.

For example, if you are keeping the party small and only inviting family and select members from your synagogue, you will either want to consider a smaller venue or possibly hosting an event within your home. On the other hand, if you anticipate a large guest list including your child’s friends from school, neighbors, family and congregation members, it will be important to have a large banquet hall or unique party space.

Setting a Budget

Early planning also allows you to set your budget and gives you time to make changes to your party plans in order to avoid any ballooning costs. When deciding on a budget, consider the following:

  • Number of Guests
  • Venue Investment
  • Décor
  • Catering Food and Beverage Investment
  • Entertainment Investment

It’s clear to see that there are several aspects of party planning that might appear costly, but the investment you make into each of these areas contributes to your overall satisfaction and success of your event.

Choosing a Venue

As previously said, the choice of venue will largely be determined by the number of guests attending. If you intend to host a large celebration with a great number of guests, you will need a larger space. When choosing a venue for your bar mitzvah party, it is important to be guided by your guest list. If it is a fairly solid mix of adults and teenagers, you may want to consider a venue that offers an adjacent room for the adults to retire for cocktails and conversations while the teenagers enjoy the entertainment. This type of venue setup is optimal for both teenagers and adults enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Learn more about our venues and use our interactive tool to find the perfect venue for your bar mitzvah party.

As you consider different event spaces, be sure to take on the opportunity to visit them. Always be sure to check that the venue is well maintained and offers all of your necessary amenities. A good venue should offer adequate parking facilities, clean restrooms and accommodations for any disabled guests.

Many venues, like our exclusive venues, assign manager to your event to help with the planning process. Kahn’s Catering provides an Event Specialist to each of our clients that assist with a variety of planning points and help make planning easier. While not like a typical event planner, our Event Specialists still dedicate themselves to each of their events to ensure flawless execution.

Learn more about the value of a Kahn’s Catering Event Specialists.



Again, catering decisions will largely be based on your guest list. Hosting a bar mitzvah celebration is a wonderful way to introduce non-Jewish friends to traditional family favorites. A great caterer will accommodate all of your refreshment needs, including hors d’oeuvres, main courses and deserts. An even greater caterer will have packages available to help ease some of the stresses of party planning. More so, the number of guests can also indicate the type of catering service you wish to provide. With several options available, each with their own pros and cons dependent on your party, your menu selections and presentation are part of party planning.

Read more about types of catering meal service.


A bar mitzvah is a time of great celebration in the family and Jewish community. It is a time to come together and recognize the passage into manhood of a cherished son. With the proper planning, and the right venue and caterer, your bar mitzvah celebration will also be a party no one will soon forget.

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