7 May

The Value of an Event Specialist

Once all the planning is said and done, you can finally take a deep breath. Breathing in a sigh of relief, confidently knowing that every detail will fall into place perfectly, right? Not so much. No matter how much planning you do, you know you cannot be in ten places at once. Nor will you be able to wrangle up each team involved in making your event a successful one while trying to network and enjoy your event itself. That’s where the value of an event specialist comes in.

As an event specialist, I’m the woman with an assortment of hats to wear just for your event alone so you don’t have to. When you are planning I’ll help you select one of our wow-worthy venues or create an exceptional space at a location of your choice. As well as determine a timeline, develop a menu, choose linens, create a table diagram of your event space, recommend vendors that I know can deliver on their promises, and remind you of all the smaller details you might over look such as what type of table numbers you will have, if any. But not only will I take on some of the responsibilities of an event planner, I am there to manage your event as it takes place.

What will help ensure your event goes smoothly? It’s in the form of an Event Specialists, Event Manger, Event Coordinator..etc. The term is interchangeable, but the position is more valuable to your event than the centerpieces you spent hours picking out to perfectly match the theme of your corporate affair. Or the several more hours you spent deciding if you wanted flowers at all. We, in the event industry, should technically start calling Event Specialists, cheerleaders. I may not be rattling around pom-poms, but I’m here for the big win. Because a win for you is a win for me.

Let’s suggest you forgot to put out the brochures, we have already done it. You can’t remember when the VIPs arrive? I’ll whip out my agenda and tell you any information from your timeline you may have forgotten. Let’s be honest, at some point, you need to start delegating the responsibilities on your plate, no matter how much it aches to give up the control.

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So, why is an Event Specialist priceless to your entire event?

Managing the clock: We have the ability to corral the entire team, focus on the agenda at hand, and keep everything on pace for your event. This means we are ensuring setup is handled in a timely manner prior to your event, the schedule for the evening is coordinated, and food and beverage service is done according to your expectations.

MacGyver skills: With years of experience, our Event Specialists have honed resourcefulness to perfection, and have an entire team of experts to back us up. We have been in sticky situations and have had to rely on our creativity to solve problems.

Communication is key: You might see our team walking around with radios and earpieces in. As much as we all wished we were members of a top-secret organization like in the movies, our ability to communicate with all the key players of our team is an essential ingredient to your success. From the time we work with you through the planning process to the execution of the event itself, we are sure to keep our team on the same page by letting them all understand your vision.

Breathing Passion: You need someone to not only cheerlead for you, but pass along that enthusiasm down the chain. A charismatic leader will breathe passion in what they do and it’s contagious! Anyone that knows me is fully aware that I love my career and those that I work with. It’s my passion and my team’s passion to make your event a winner.

Thrives under pressure: A strong Event Specialist resolves problems quickly and can stay calm in the hairiest of situations. I would never wish for anything to go wrong at any of my events, but if a challenges does appear, I’ll be sure it’s eliminated.

Are you salivating knowing the value of an event specialist now? Or is it the delicious looking menus of ours that you have already taken a peek at? Either way, it’s an enticing idea to some who have yet to experience a superb Event Specialist and crucial to most who will never go without one. Thankfully, when you choose to work with Kahn’s Catering you will be working with an event specialist from day one.

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