13 Mar

Save Room for the Oohs and Aahs

Unique wedding favors? Check.

Perfectly coordinated florals? Check.

Dream wedding? Double check.

Taking a moment to enjoy your reception alone before guests enter…Was that on the timeline?   

For many married couples, the answer is probably no – and they wish it was a yes. Wedding days are long and whirlwind of activity from sun up to sun down. One moment a couple is signing their marriage license, then the next they are finishing pictures, making rounds at cocktail hour to greet guests, doing their grand introduction, cutting the cake, and sharing a dance- – before they are even able to really see how their reception looks. With so much going on back-to-back, it’s no wonder couples say the day goes by so quickly.

Grand introduction announcements are when many couples enter their reception for the first time. This is because couples will either greet guests in cocktail hour or take photos with their family and wedding party between the ceremony and reception. It can be hard to get away for 10-15 minutes in either situation to see the reception room unless it is planned for. Walking into a reception room filled with guests is a very different excitement than walking into a space that is freshly decorated.

When you see your reception for the first time, we want you to be speechless in all the right ways – just like Kathleen and Ben were. The excitement they felt walking through their wedding reception radiated and couldn’t have been more perfectly captured by their photographer, Jessica Strickland.  The event design by Mon Amie Events was simply stunning- everything they imagined and more. Its Kathleen’s pure joy that made us realize so few couples include the opportunity to enjoy their reception before guests enter.  As a night you won’t forget, one with memories to last a lifetime, every single detail of your wedding reception should be enjoyed. Dare we say wedding reception first looks should be a new wedding trend!

Wedding Professionals
Wedding Planner: Mon Amie Events
Photographer: Jessica Strickland Photography
Florist: Empty Vase
Rentals: Evans AV




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