24 May

More than a Just Meal

At Kahn’s Catering we passionately believe in two things: Great food paired with great service. It’s a promise we take to heart and put at the forefront of every event we have the pleasure of catering. Not only does it make us successful, it makes you successful too.

Perhaps you are hosting a business meeting or a more complex event topped off with a three course meal… whatever kind of celebration or gathering you are hosting it will have a variety of elements that need to be taken into consideration for success. If a component fails to impress or is of low quality, then the whole perception of the event can change. Your event’s food and beverage experience is usually the main aspect that guests will judge the event by. The attention that your caterer pays to these important details will be a true reflection of your standards.

Great food starts with great food. Sourcing the highest quality and freshest ingredients is what makes truly great food stand out.  No need to over complicate something simple: if you want it to look and taste great, start with great ingredients.

Outstanding food presentation. Innovation is what sets apart a regular catering from an on-trend, high-quality one. Not only will the chefs prepare smart taste combinations, it is matched with great serving styles and the latest table and glassware that adds to a guest’s experience.

Skilled, professional, and neatly presented staff.  A great culinary team has the ability to caterer to a range of event sizes and provide special diet accommodations. From the event specialist to the servers to the set up team – being able to assist, advise and direct guests ensures an exceptional guest experience.

Be passionate, be proud. If you don’t love what you do, why do it? Passion is what fuels the fire to remain on trend, provide the highest level of service and deliver on the promises that are made. If it isn’t right, it will be made right because when you love what you do it’s easy to deliver on the promises made.

When you imagine the finest foods, what do you think of? Unless you are going to catered events often, it is most likely a meal you had at a restaurant. Unlike a restaurant, catering is not just “a protein, a starch and a veg” on the plate and how quickly can get it on the table. We’re creating high quality and styled food in a large format – on a timeline. So it’s taking all the passion that we have for food, flavors, textures, plating, and service—all those things that we love—and pairing it with a strong logistical and operational mindset as to how to get it done. It is a lot of management, but we do it so you don’t have to. It’s high-end culinary work by a top-notch culinarians, but also a ton of logistic, operational, management, and business acumen as well organized by a well directed operation team.

At the heart of what we do is our promise to deliver great food and great service every time.




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