16 Mar

The New Buffet: Food Stations

For decades, buffets were the more casual alternative for weddings compared to traditional seated meals. Now, another option is taking over in popularity. Food stations give a unique feel to an event when a buffet may be too traditional. In other words, food stations are the new buffet! More trendy, more modern, and usually with more food options too to choose from.

Guests at a Food Station

Jessica Strickland Photography

Salads at a Food Station

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Spread around the room, tables host different stations featuring accompaniments, entrees and desserts. Unlike buffets where all items are served on one table, stations are often separated based on a food theme or type at the different tables. Station menus are more varied and ‘fun’ compared to a typical buffet. Buffet food options are closer aligned with plated meal choices. Food stations allow for a higher degree of culinary creativity and variety. Below is a menu that provides a great example of a three station party menu.

Mac n’ Cheese Station
Elbow quattro fromage with white truffle oil
Orecchiette, lobster, bacon and white cheddar sauce
Trottole florentine, sautéed spinach, wild mushrooms medley, parmesan pesto cream sauce
Penne pasta, smoked chicken, roasted green chilies, gouda cream sauce
Toppings: toasted herb bread crumbs, shredded parmesan and chopped scallion

Smokehouse BBQ Station
Iceberg wedge, grape tomatoes, cucumber, bacon, onion, pink peppercorn ranch
Hickory smoked pork shoulder, chipotle BBQ glaze
Braised green beans, crispy onions
Petite jalapeno corn bread muffins, honey butter
Bourbon pecan shortcake, peaches & whipped cream

Donut Sundae Bar
Freshly-made hot mini cake donuts dusted in cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Toppings: caramel, hot fudge, maple whipped cream, bavarian cream, banana pudding, banana chips, chocolate covered bacon,
sprinkles, fresh berry compote, chopped peanuts, cherries, toffee crumbles

Guests at a Food Station

Jessica Strickland Photography

Food stations also encourage a more interactive experience and by allowing guests to go as they please between the different station sets versus being calling to line up at a buffet. Stations give guests an opportunity to explore the reception space and enjoy their meal more at their leisure. There is also the added benefit of less congestion around each station versus lining up at the buffet.

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To create an even more exciting dining experience, include an action stations! These are a statement piece when it comes to food and beverage. Action stations are manned by members of our culinary team and provide entertainment as well as added variety. Food is often served right from being prepared live before your guests. Impress your guests with live action chef prepared fresh options like pasta, sushi, stir fry, and small plates.

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