28 Apr

Zack + Lacey’s IMA Wedding

Zack and Lacey’s Indianapolis Museum of Art later summer wedding was perfect. Blushes, golds, pinks and beiges brewed perfectly together for ultimate style, glam, and elegance.

Typically, until recently, many couples marrying inside the museum would be married against the colorful wall of  Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing No. 652. Even though the Love Sculpture wasn’t relocated in Pulliam Great Hall at the time, Zack and Lacey chose to be married against the bright, beautiful white backdrop of the galleries. It was a unique ceremony setup that lended itself well to their overall aesthetic. Now that the Love Sculpture has taken a permanent residence in the space, we are excited to see many more weddings in this area!

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour in Pulliam Great Hall in the area by the colorful wall of Sol Lewitt’s drawing and then moved to Randolph H. Deer Special Events Pavilion for the reception.

Hors d’oeuvres
Pear, fig, brie bruschetta with blush wine reduction
Blackened tuna nigari, wasabi aioli, tobiko
Goat cheese pistachio lollipop
Tempura portabella bites, sambal crème
Local maple syrup glazed white marble farms pork belly, apple slaw, sweet corn cake
Lamb ‘gyro’ with tzatziki and feta spread

First Course
Organic baby kale, radicchio, cucumbers, roasted grape tomatoes, pickled fennel, granola crumbles

Second Course
Choice of
Ancho rubbed smoked pork tenderloin with orange honey glaze
Blackened Hawaiian wahoo with pineapple rum reduction
Lentil cassoulet napa cabbage roll with mushroom risotto and vegetables

Served with
Creamy polenta with goat cheese
Mediterranean fennel and artichoke hearts

Third Course
Vanilla cake, banana pudding, vanilla wafer crumbles, vanilla buttercream filling
Pumpkin Spice with Chocolate Chips and Graham Crackers

Late Night Snack
Killroy’s bread sticks with cheese dip and marinara


This couple set out to enjoy their day, and that they did. Lacey was all smiles throughout every moment and looking through their photos, the love they have for one another, the wedding experience, and for their guests is very evident. Cheers to you both!


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