23 Nov

New Menu Items at the IMA Cafe

One of the joys of operating the cafes at our exclusive museum venues is our creative freedom to introduce new and interesting menu items through each year with the changing of the seasons. With the most recent cold front blowing through Indiana, our café menus are getting a bit of an update. Below are some of our favorite new items from the Indianapolis Museum of Art Café.

Keep your eyes on the blog for other menu roll-outs from the other cafes over the coming weeks!


Duck and Mushroom Napoleon

Local maple leaf farms duck confit, sauteed wild mushrooms, goat cheese truffle mousse, crispy wontons



 Lentil Tofu Wrap + Side Salad

Marinated tofu, lentils, edamame, tomato, baby kale, daikon sprouts, herb tortilla

Mixed greens. leaf lettuce, crisp apples, toasted walnuts, dried cherries, honey pear vinaigrette



Maple Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, candied walnuts, cherries, crispy brie croutons, cinnamon cider vinaigrette


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