3 Sep

9 Things No One Ever Told You About Wedding Planning

For the most part, wedding planning should be fun and exciting! But there are some definite drawbacks to wedding planning that can wreak sort of havoc in your life. Though we like to think that planning a wedding is fun, easy-going, and full of excitement, sometimes it can be everything but that.

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All weddings are a lot of work to plan. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 guests or 250, all weddings require a lot of time and effort to plan. From choosing napkin colors and napkin folds to selecting favors and working on a seating chart, it all requires varying time and effort.

There will be unexpected expenses. Before getting deep into the treasure troves of planning a wedding, there are some fees that you expect, such as the fee for catering, venue, dress, and other vendors. Though it’s nice to plan for these things, there will definitely be some unexpected fees that you’ll need to take into your budget such as seamstress costs, postage for invitations and RSVPs, and gifts for your attendants. Always plan for some wiggle room!

Unsolicited opinions come out of the woodwork. Even though it’s your special day, and you feel like the decisions are yours to make, expect to hear opinions from everyone. Especially from those that are helping pay for it. You may even find yourself with strangers giving you their opinions on how to wear your hair or what type of flowers to choose once they hear you are ready to say ‘I do.’.

Sequin table cloths exist. Yes. They are fun. Get one for your cake table. You won’t be sorry! Not only will your photos look stunning, your cake will look even better set on a glitzy and glamorous linen.

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You will talk about your wedding. A lot. It’s one day of your entire life. If you didn’t talk about it all of the time, we would be shocked. It’s not uncommon for a majority of conversation to turn towards wedding-related topics. Remember, people will give you their opinion whether you like it or not and may even steer conversations in this direction. Talking about the wedding will happen without you even realize it. Before you know it, you’ll be listing off your favorite buttercream flavors.

You’ll get asked plenty of questions. Along with opinions, expect questions. When you’re in the planning stages of your event, everyone will want to know your wedding colors, they will want to see your dress, or they will want to hear you dote over every detail of your proposal story. It may be tolerable at first, but after a while you may find yourself bothered.

Consider the comfort of your guests. Yes, this is your day, but you have dozens of people traveling to celebrate with you, and you need to consider how you can best take care of them so they feel valued. This means, if you can manage to avoid demanding a black tie dress code for a wedding being held outdoors in June in Texas, that will probably be much appreciated.

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You’ll change your mind dozens of times. Once the big question is popped, you might think you have everything planned out in your head. Pinterest is great right? You can dream for hours, days, months, and years about your perfect wedding. Putting together the entire ceremony and reception together based on everything that you pin to your dream wedding board. Oh thank you Pinterest for the fantasies! Just be prepared for your original wedding vision to change, at least a little. You may switch the color of your linen 5 times, choose a completely different dress than the one you daydreamed about, or go back and forth on what is your perfect menu. (Curious about how to use Pinterest to help you effectively plan your wedding? Read our blog post!)

You don’t have to stick to tradition.  If you don’t want to include a particular tradition, such as a garter toss or having someone give you away, you don’t have to do it. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone you know telling you to break tradition, especially older relatives. Don’t be afraid to break the mold to create the wedding that perfectly fits both you and your partner.


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