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Effectively Planning a Wedding With Pinterest

Pinterest is a wormhole, capturing the attention of unsuspecting individuals for years at this point. Pinterest was invented and ever since then, people have been obsessively pinning to it. Public boards filled with recipes, organization ideas for their home, cute birthday party inspiration and secret boards of every single detail of their dream wedding. Here in lies the problem with Pinterest. Users fill their boards with inspiration, creating their ‘Dream Wedding’, but it’s filled with 500 pins that have been collected over the years. Yes, it’s gorgeous but it’s also probably confusing, lacking direction, and can make planning very overwhelming as you strive for Pinterest Picture Perfection. Don’t worry, you don’t need to delete your wedding board or start from scratch to start effectively using Pinterest to help plan your wedding. So, take off your Pinterest goggles (you know, those pesky things that will eventually make you feel like an untalented uncrafty crazy person) and take in some of our best advice on using Pinterest to effectively help you plan your wedding day!

Kahn's Catering; How to Effectively Plan a Wedding With Pinterest

Start Small

It is impossible to not feel overwhelmed looking at a board with over 500 pins. Narrowing things down will help a lot! Again, don’t delete a board and all of the pins you love! You’ve spent many hours scrolling through images to find the ideas you have fallen in love with. Instead, create a completely new board – start fresh! I know, we said you wouldn’t have to start pinning from scratch, and you don’t have to. Filter out all of those older ideas you don’t like as much anymore and repin things to your new board that you love. Try to get this new board down to under 50 pins! Ideally, your perfect planning board will be less than 30. I know, hard! You don’t need to pin every single idea that you want to incorporate in your wedding. Instead, pin images that create the overall feeling you want for your wedding day. Not only will this help you narrow down colors and find the specific elements you want to include, it helps other vendors that will be part your wedding day find an understanding of your vision.

(Pstt…. Here are three great example! These are our FAVORITE mood boards from Fab Mood! A wedding color and theme inspiration blog.)


Vendor Love

At its core, we know a perfect wedding really only involves two people willing to commit to one another for a lifetime and one person that uses their magical state-granted power to perform marriages to make it real… But most couples still want a big party complete with a memorable meal, timeless photographs, and a DJ or some other form of entertainment to keep the party moving. Pinterest is a great place to research the vendors you might want to work with. Once you have narrowed down your top 5 photographers or videographers or wedding coordinator or caterer, use Pinterest to browse their work to help you choose between your top choices. Follow vendors you are interested in working with and repin their posts as necessary.

Did you know that some of our museum venues are on Pinterest too!?



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DIY Do’s and Don’ts

Pinterest is a DIY lovers paradise. Before Pinterest, it was not normal or expected for the couple to DIY everything from their invites to their programs to their favors. Now that so many designers and incredibly talented creative people have an outlet like Pinterest for showing off their DIY projects, it feels like you need to make everything from scratch to have your dream wedding. Know where to draw the line! It’s unrealistic to think you’ll have the time or patience to handle creating every element of your wedding from your local crafts store, or that these DIY inspirations will be Pinterest Picture Perfect once you’ve completed your project. Use the DIY pins you find as inspiration for an element or two, but don’t go DIY pinning overboard.

Pinning Isn’t Planning

Sounds like a contradiction at this point, doesn’t it? It’s easy to get lost in a daydream and spend hours pinning everything you see and love. Let’s face it, Pinterest can be addicting. Just remember, pinning isn’t true planning! Simply because you pin it to your dream wedding board doesn’t mean that idea will just happen on its own. Use Pinterest for the tool that it is… to find inspiration! It cannot track your timeline, make appointments for you, plan your menu, or tie your bustle or bowtie. There are several (okay, ALL) elements of your wedding that will need your involvement beyond pinning an idea to a Pinterest dream board. Pinterest is a great source to get advice, find bouquets that melt your heart, or a wedding dress style that carries you away into happily ever after. Use Pinterest in the planning process to help yourself and your vendors enjoy, share and help you create a reality out of your vision of the perfect wedding.


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