19 Dec

Wedding Trends: Quirky A New Glam

Kahn's Catering wedding trendsKahn's Catering wedding trendsKahn's Catering wedding trends.

Glamorous, by definition, means “very exciting and attractive” (Merriam Webster Dictionary).  By society’s standards what does it mean? I was pondering this as I was Christmas shopping in the Keystone Mall the other day. I saw different fashion trends from pretty in pinks to ravishing in reds, from dark and mysterious to delightfully colorful. As I continued to walk, I questioned how this concept of glamor – very exciting and attractive- plays a role in our fashion, our style and of course our relationships. When I noticed these different fashion trends, I also noticed the different people who were wearing them. Did the pretty in pinks think the delightfully colorful were glamorous? Or how about the dark and mysterious, did they think glamorous also meant ravishing in red? For every style, no matter what kind, we all have our own sense of “glam.” One in particular for 2014 Wedding Trends is interestingly… quirky.

For wedding décor and fashion, quirky is translated as men in high-water groom’s men suits, bow ties, suspenders, Ray-Bans/thick rimmed glasses, and of course, the comb over. For women this may be the vintage wedding gown with Chuck Taylors, casual hair styles, and crafty bouquets. The décor will be fun and playful with the kid’s tables having games and paper tablecloths to draw on, adult games to play outside or inside, and quick change costume photo booths. Now remember, each of these ideas and trends can take on any color/style dark or bright. My suggestion is to enjoy the “glam” in your style and if quirky is it, just go for it and have fun!

Kahn's Catering wedding trends

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Photography credit to blogger “A Blonde Ambition,” Buzzfeed staff Alanna Okun, Wedding Gawker “Pocketful of Dreams.”


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