18 Sep

The Do’s and Don’ts of a DIY Wedding

As you are aware, countless DIY projects have flooded the internet over the past several years. Especially in the event circuit. Along with the illusion that couples can (and maybe should) do everything themselves to create the ultimate wedding. From our experience of working with couples that do a little DIY and some that do a lot, we are here to tell you from experience that you can’t do it all, nor do you really want to.

We want to share a little insight and help you navigate which wedding décor DIY projects to taken on yourself and which undertakings to pass on to the professionals!

DIY DO: Make a few (like 2) elements.


Who can say no to handmade, personal touches? It makes your wedding day truly yours. If you are feeling creative, making a DIY getaway garland for the back of your vehicle or a special escort card table is the perfect way to go. If you’re short on time, consider turning your wedding vows into a handmade work of art to display in your home.

DIY DON’T: try to do everything yourself; ask family and friends or hire a planner.


Crafts and projects often take much longer to complete than anticipated. Your time is valuable and your wedding is not just about one day, it’s about the whole wedding planning experience, and who wants a stress-filled engagement? If you decide not to hire a wedding planner, consider enlisting the help of friends and family to set up your reception décor. Enjoy the day sipping champagne and prepping for your wedding instead of hauling, hanging, and arranging.

DIY DO: design your day around both your tastes


While this isn’t a hands-on ‘DIY project’, we think it’s an important part of the wedding planning process that all couples should do themselves so their wedding day reflects who they are and what they like. If you’re stuck on what to do, think about how you would style your first home together to figure out which colors, tones and design elements suit you both best.

DIY DON’T: overdo ceremony décor


Pinterest is packed with elaborate ceremonies, just like many wedding blogs. Three reasons to keep it simple at your wedding ceremony:

  1. Most ceremonies last about 30 minutes. Don’t focus too much of your time and budget on this part of your day.
  2. The flowers your attendants carry or have pinned to their attire will serve as visual interest at the ceremony.
  3. As a couple about to be wed, YOU are the best looking part! All eyes will be on you anyway, so don’t plan anything too over the top that can distract from that. Let everyone ooh and ahh over you both.

DIY DO: trust a calligrapher to make your typographic signs


There are tons of tutorials online and several sets of instructions on Pinterest to create your party-perfect lettering, but it’s a lot harder than it seems. Not only will a professional be able to create beautiful signage that is unique and special for your event, they have the experience to back their skill

DIY DON’T: make all of your floral pieces or centerpieces


Since flowers are expensive and don’t last long, here’s our thought: hire a florist to create a few eye-catching arrangements for your tables and purchase stems of your favorite flowers for smaller vases for cocktail hour or card and memory tables. Leave the artistry of bouquets and boutonnieres in the very capable hands of a professional florist. Centerpieces take time to create and if you are inexperienced you will find yourself dealing with fire by trial and error. Since centerpieces and floral pieces can only be created a day or two prior to the event because of the nature of the materials, don’t catch yourself stuck having to stress over them at the last minute.


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