12 Dec

Wedding Trends: Feathers, Buttons, and Lace… OH My!

This coming year it’s not lions, tigers, and bears we’ll find but feathers, buttons, and lace… oh my! With fashion critics on the uproar for bringing back vintage trends so are event décor stylists and wedding gown designers. As we take a walk through many inspirational ideas, keep in mind it all depends on your style and what you want your end result to be for your big day.

Feathers are everywhere. You can use them in the all-natural way where the feathers have a natural look and neutral colors. This type of usage is for the organic/rustic woodland wedding. The feathers can be colors and dramatic to add to the décor and give your centerpieces, head dress, or bouquet some flair.

Buttons are being used from the invitations to the gift table to the bouquets to the headdress. You’re seeing them used in crafts, décor, and dresses. I have to say; personally I love this trend. Buttons can be used to have the vintage traveler look or a cutesy artistic vibe. However, if you want to use them remember to bring out your accent colors or neutral colors by using these little guys in either a small or a large way.

The last and surely not the least, lace. Lace is definitely coming full swing with bringing the vintage back into the modern style. Whether you have a full lace dress or décor drenched in it, lace will definitely bring out the subtle old fashion style into your modern bride wedding.

Gather more ideas and inspiration from my gallery of decor and fashion pictures below. If you have any questions or just want to talk wedding décor or fashion hit my comment box up. You can also follow me on Facebook.

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