COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Together we face uncertainty as SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infects people both near and far. The changes and impact revealed daily can seem overwhelming and surprising. We share your interest in ensuring we all stay healthy; as individuals, workers, families and communities, and our hearts go out to those who have already been affected.

We continue our work, now deemed essential with pride, knowing we are feeding those who are truly putting their lives on the line to provide the services and help that we all depend upon.  We have expertise in feeding thousands per day and have the ability to reliably provide large-scale food service to any location.


We are open, offering catering delivery. Minimum apply.
Now hosting events. New bookings welcome. Local and state gathering restrictions apply for all events.
Our Cafes at Eiteljorg, Indiana State Museum and Newfields are open, offering limited hours and menus.

We continue to provide food to those working in essential services such as healthcare, first responders, distribution and utilities.

It’s not uncommon to wonder whether or not it is safe to gather together at an event or to go out to eat at this time. WHO, CDC, and other federal, state and local agencies are providing guidance, advisories and orders that serve as the best resource for determining whether or not it is safe and what actions we should each take.

At Kahn’s Catering, we take our duty to protect the health of our team and that of our clients and guests seriously, and have implemented a number of changes to our operations. Over the past few weeks we have done our best to author a response plan despite a rapidly evolving situation that enables us to continue to provide catering services and cafe services. We will continue to modify our plans as WHO, CDC, and other federal, state and local entities provide new information, advisories or orders. Throughout this pandemic, we promise to be open and transparent in our communication.


We want you to know that as we continue to provide meals to those providing essential services such as healthcare, first responders, distribution and utilities, that we put a lot of thought and care into creating a safe and clean work environment, as well as how we prepare, handle and delivery meals.   We take food safety seriously every day, but now more than ever.  

To help protect the safety of our guests, our team and our community, we are taking the following precautions: 

  • We have a thorough and communicated COVID-19 response plan in place.  
  • Sick employees, or those who share a residence with someone sick, are not permitted to work.
  • We practice a minimum of 6’ distancing.
  • We always practice proper hand washing.
  • All work surfaces and all commonly touched surfaces are disinfected (following proper use instructions and with a disinfectant shown to kill coronavirus) throughout the day
  • During this time, our team is using nose/mouth coverings to protect fellow team members and food products during preparation.
  • It has always been our standard practice to use gloves whenever handling food.
  • When handling containers or handling packaged products, we do so with gloves.
  • We have created interaction-free plans for meal distribution.
  • All employees, guests, hosts, and event professionals attending events will have their temperatures checked with a touch-less thermometer before entering venue.
    • 100.4 or above will be politely asked to leave and to seek medical attention.
    • If an individual has been outside in the sun for a prolonged period of time they will be asked to wait by themselves to cool down before their temperature is re-checked again.
  • All individuals entering exclusive venues of Kahn’s Catering will be required to wear a nose/mouth covering as mandated by Marion County on July 9th.

For additional information regarding the specific COVID style service of food and beverage please reach out to your event specialist for more information.


Released May 20, 2020
Kahn’s Catering offers catering delivery and is hosting events. Local and state restrictions for gathering apply.

Released March 17, 2020
Kahn’s Catering Event Specialists offer virtual meetings for new and current clients.

Released March 16, 2020
At this time, all catered events through May 16, 2020 are to be rescheduled after June 1, 2020. Our Event Specialists are working with clients to determine the next best dates for their event. All scheduled tastings through May 16, 2020 are cancelled as well. If your event is affected by this changes, contact your Event Specialist for further information. 

Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 Kahn’s Catering will suspend all cafe service until it is deemed safe to resume business. This includes cafe service at Eiteljorg Museum Cafe, Farmers Market Cafe at Indiana State Museum, The Cafe at Newfields and Double Eagle Cafe at Scottish Rite Cathedral.