19 Mar

Wedding Cake Floral

We love wedding cakes decorated with fresh floral. It’s a simple and elegant way to tie together a wedding’s colors and décor as the floral chosen for the cake are usually mirrored in the centerpieces or the bouquet. If you’re considering fresh floral on your wedding cake, here are important pieces of information to consider.

Did you know?

The world is filled with beautiful flowers, but not all of them are safe to use on something edible like a wedding cake. Hydrangeas and baby’s breath are popular in bouquets and centerpieces, but even the smallest amount of contact with the buttercream can be toxic. It’s best to stick with edible varieties like roses, calendulas, hibiscus, violets, sunflowers and others. Herbs are also a popular option such as rosemary, thyme and chamomile. It’s also smart to opt for flowers that are organically grown since they will be in contact with frosting that will be consumed.

Your florist will be a big help in decorating your cake with fresh floral. They will be responsible for preparing the flowers by washing, drying, trimming and removing thorns. When your centerpieces are delivered to the venue, your florist will also have the opportunity to decorate the cake with the flowers you have chosen.

Here are a few of our favorite fresh floral wedding cakes to inspire you!

Ombre pink cake with fresh floral by Kahn's Catering

Photo by Jessica Strickland


Roses on Butter Cream Cake

Photo by Ian Borgerhoff

Pastel floral on butter cream wedding cake

Photo by Jessica Strickland

Photo by Bobbi Photo

Photo by Ivana Chen

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