12 Nov

Indiana State Museum: Kelsey + Travis

Kelsey and Travis couldn’t have had a more ideal day. The weather was certainly in their favor and the sunlight setting on their cocktail hour was absolutely perfect. If your jaw drops when you see the photos of this stunning Indianapolis wedding at the Indiana State Museum – you’re not alone!

Our favorite part of their event décor is the sweetheart table. Draped with romantic linen, the space felt private and secluded while still being in the midst of the action. It added a dimension of intimacy to their event space – which is sometimes difficult to do when a room’s ceilings extend 100 feet high. It was perfect for Kelsey and Travis to enjoy as they caught their breath from socializing.

It was also a perfect spot to relax and enjoy their wedding cake! Their beautiful cake was three tiers of vanilla cake with white chocolate butter cream and adorned with edible gold paint and jewel-toned turquoise icing. Their cake was just as much a part of their event’s décor as it was an indulgent part of their meal.

Hors d’oeuvres
Thai summer rolls with chili vinaigrette
Avocado deviled eggs, smoked paprika, micro herb
Shaved lamb loin, tzatziki sauce, herb marinated feta, crispy pita
Crispy sesame shrimp, spicy mustard glaze
Caribbean beef meatballs
Roasted corn & goast cheese fritters, jalapeno lime cream

First Course
Artisan lettuce, brie, petite french pear, candied walnuts, pomegranate vinaigrette

Second Course
Cilantro tequila chicken breast, smoked corn puree
Roasted sweet baby golden potatoes, fresh thyme butter
Roasted sweet baby golden potatoes, fresh thyme butter

Third Course
Wedding Cake




Wedding Professionals
Venue: Indiana State Museum
Photographer: S.B. Childs
Videographer: Northern Lights
Decor: Atmospheres Indy
Florist: Banner Florist

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