22 Aug

5 Tips If You Are Not Hiring a Wedding Planner

With dozens of decisions and dozens of logistical details, it is no wonder that many couples choose to hire a wedding planner to coordinate their Indianapolis wedding so they can focus on the fun. That isn’t to say planning a wedding without a planner is impossible. But for some it is a true asset that enhances their planning experience. For those that opt to manage their nuptials on their own, as long as it is approached with a pro mindset – you will be well on your way to success. Consider these tips:

Be ready to tackle the basics.

From the start, couples need to have a general timeline and some ideas about the wedding they want. This helps take the stress out of making fast decisions when necessary. It’s helpful to start by prioritizing what is wanted so that decisions can be made faster – this is especially important depending on the time of year you get engaged and begin planning. With many couples getting engaged at the same times of the year, it is easy for couples to be up against one another for the same pool of vendors and venues. While Indianapolis has a huge event market, having one or two back up dates in mind is always important to secure the venue of your dreams and begin hiring vendors for your special day.

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Choose organizational tools wisely.

We love websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire, but their tools tend to take the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and isn’t necessarily something every couple will benefit from. Tracking invoices, receipts, contracts, cost details and other important planning aspects is vital. Some couples opt for a wedding planning binder and others opt to use websites like Google Drive. Whatever you choose, be sure it is something that is familiar to you and easy for you to use. We personally like the idea of Google Docs because it allows for more than one person that could be assisting the couple to access the information, such as their parents or members of their wedding party.

Anticipate the unexpected because challenges will arise.

Things can and do go wrong. It isn’t meant to scare you, but a reality that pre-planning and preparing as best you can is very important. One of the biggest tasks planners take on is day-of logistics. Who is going to put out your place cards? Who is going to cue the band? Who is going to take home leftover favors or décor you brought to your venue? There are many things that can come across a couple’s plate on their wedding weekend. Having a plan in advance for who will handle various tasks and be the point person for the different vendors will allow the couple to focus more on their special day.

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Think twice before hiring family & friends.

Someone who is emotionally invested in your wedding lacks objective judgement that’s necessary at times to handle the process smoothly. Sometimes hiring people you know as a vendor creates its own challenges. While your family or friends will be honored to be part of this moment in your life, it’s important to recognize that if they are working your wedding they are not really a guest. Also, if you think it is hard to express your wants and needs using a professional for the work, it may be even more difficult with family and friends.

Keep the process in perspective.

Weddings are not planned overnight and no matter how well planned not every wedding is perfect. It’s important to keep in mind that this is one day and one party. The experience as a whole spans many months and includes the planning process, so it should be fun and enjoyable.

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