10 Feb

Our Most Popular Wedding Catering Package

Last week at our wedding tasting many couples took their first steps in menu planning for their upcoming receptions. Even though our clients walk into the evening with a fairly solid idea about which wedding catering package they are leaning towards, there are some undecided as well. Yet, at one point or another, most of our clients have asked, ‘what is your most popular package?’ It was a question overheard during the evening as our guests tasted their way through some of our most popular items to begin planning their perfect reception menu.

Instead of taking a guess at which package is most popular, we went into each of the banquet event orders for all of the weddings that we catered last year in 2017. In our research we learned that over 30% of our couples selected Special Occasion Package 3 for their wedding reception, and nearly half of them offered their guests a choice of entrée as well.

Like all of our packages, Special Occasion Package 3 includes open bar, cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, dinner service and a custom butter cream wedding cake.

What is included exactly?

So what makes it so popular? This package provides great flexibility to be customized, allowing it to fit a variety of tastes and even budgets in some ways. For example, with all of our packages one of our open bar levels is included (Vineyard, Kahn’s or Connoisseur’s Club). Special Occasion Package 3 includes the Kahn’s bar and can upgraded or reduced for a small fee per person depending on preference. Additionally, unlike our first two packages, Special Occasion Package 3 allows for your choice of six hors d’oeuvres from our complete hors d’oeuvre menu. From what we have learned from the many clients that have enjoyed this selection, Special Occasion Package 3 gives a variety of choice at a great value.

While all of our wedding catering packages are customization and can be modified to accommodate individual event preferences, Special Occasion Package 3 is a great starting point for any wedding reception. Sometimes our couples know the best catering package for them may only need one or two extras elements like a late night snack or signature drink. Other times they may recognize another package is the better fit. Regardless, Special Occasion Package 3 has a winning combination of menu elements that offer an expanse of choice at an inclusive per person price.  

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