30 Jan

Timing is Everything – Booking Fall Weddings

Gone are the days of spring weddings being the most popular wedding dates. While still loved by many, more and more couples are turning their attention to a different time of year. Now the coveted calendar spot is any weekend mid-September through the end of October. With a few weekends and several couples, for those that have their heart truly set on a fall wedding, the question begs to be asked: When is the best time to book one?

In short, the sooner you book your fall wedding, the better. Although, this can be said for anyone event being hosted in the fall. If you have a very specific date in mind, the longer you wait to book your event, the fewer venue choices available. Generally, booking a fall wedding date should happen about 10 months before the wedding. At minimum. While some of our venues have select availability left for fall, we have couples preparing for 2019 weddings too!

Another great reason for booking your fall wedding date as soon as possible is to book the vendors you want before someone else does! Much like venues, vendors like photographers, florists and DJs are highly sought after during the fall months and they book quickly! Unlike a venue, which may have multiple spaces to host more than one event at a time, some vendors like hair, makeup, photographers, and DJs are only one person with a small team of assistants (1-2 people) to work the one wedding that they have booked. Sometimes they may be able to take on two weddings in one day, but that still leaves limited availability to book your dream wedding team on popular dates.

Timing is everything if you have certain elements in mind for your event. When you can’t budge on date or have a venue you simply can’t live without, be sure you have your fall event booked sooner rather than later to get what you want.


Photography by Danielle Harris Photo

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