8 Jan

Keeping it Green in 2018

Over the course of our history, Kahn’s Catering has developed several outstanding eco-friendly initiatives to help our company become less wasteful and more energy efficient. This commitment is not only in place at our personal venue, Montage, but also in our museum cafes and seasonal restaurant at the Indiana State Museum.

Our goal is to continue to implement programs that will help ensure we are conserving resources, properly managing our waste and purchasing environmentally-friendly products when available.  We undertake this commitment while steadfastly maintaining the same level of quality that you have come to expect of Kahn’s Catering. More so, it is an evolving commitment that changes with the more we learn about environmentally positive practices and products. We feel the key to being green is through education, which is why our Vice President of Operations is constantly researching, learning and implementing practices and programs with our green initiative in mind.

Recently, we have expanded our environmental commitment to an area of our operation that affects all events that we cater: hot food prep, transport, and heating. We have eliminated hot food contact with plastic film, ensuring no estrogen-like compounds leach into the foods we serve our guests. In place of plastic, we have selected the highest grade European made unbleached silicone coated baking papers. Silicone coated papers were chosen for their proven track record and demonstrated safety in the preparation, transport and heating processes.

Why unbleached?
During the production some baking papers are bleached with chlorine. This means when the paper is heated it can release dioxin. Dioxin is highly toxic and can cause many health issues. Secondly, when chlorine is used in the bleaching process, the effluent from the bleaching pulp contain toxic organochlorines, which are released into the environment causing pollution.

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