13 Oct

How Do You Update Reoccurring Events?

Attending a corporate event annually is standard practice for many professionals. Year after year, the experience becomes familiar and predictable, taking place at the same time each year, in the same venue, with the same sponsor, content and presenters – but many of our own corporate clients experiencing this trust us with changing things up.

With a little innovation, great planning and some attention dedicated toward reworking small aspects of the event, these annual events can generate plenty of enthusiasm from attendees. Here are some suggestions to keep your repeat corporate events from getting stale, without dramatically increasing your budget.

DeBeost Lecture Hall at Indiana State Museum

Pursue the New
The process of recreating a reoccurring event, particularly a conference or large annual meeting, may sound like someone is trying to reinvent the wheel, but a bit of energy, creativity and commitment to delivering something better can produce great results. We often work with organizations that host the same event each year and are often tasked with helping change things up to keep it interesting for guests.

Randolph H. Deer Special Events Pavilion Pavilion at Indianapolis Museum of Art

Quick Ways to Update Your Event

Select a new space.
When working with a caterer, like Kahn’s Catering, they may have partnerships at other locations where they are the exclusive caterer. This gives you the ability to check on a variety of availability with predictable catering cost factors that you’re already familiar with.

Change up the day’s timeline or format.
If the event has had the same timeline or format for several years, changing how the conference or meeting is held keeps the content fresh and interesting. Guests do not grow bored with the predictability they have become overly familiar with.

Offer new speakers or entertainment.
Likely the most logical of all updates would be changing up the content that is presented during the gathering. It is also the most impacting way as well.

Offer a different dining style like stations or buffet, or change your menu from years past.
One of the most memorable aspects of any event, regardless of purpose, is the food that is served. Guests tend to remember the worst and the best meals they have had and by creating a new menu every year or offering a new serving style changes the entire meal experience.

Change linen colors and textures.
Many of the same linens that are chosen from year to year are offered in a variety of colors, or a color is offered in a variety of textures. Not only can this provide great continuity, it is also a detail of interest that can help complete different themes and atmospheres.

If hosting at a museum landmark, offer docent tours of galleries and exhibits available.
Take advantage of built-in entertainment at your locations for an addition of something new. Not only does this further support your location and community, you provide both entertainment and cultural education to your guests creating value for your event.
While these may seem like simple solutions, each has a positive impact on events without needing to increase the budget by a great margin. Truly, the possibilities to revamp an event are as endless as one’s budget. However, these few ways are some of the most effective and memorable.

Clowes Sculpture Court at Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

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