15 Aug

5 Reasons to Host Your Event at a Museum

Selecting your event venue should be one of the first planning items on any event checklist. Not only do event venues tend to book up quickly at various times of year, such as fall wedding months, Where you select to host your event guides a number of other elements such as menu and décor. Indianapolis has no shortage of unique venues to consider for your one-of-a kind event such as their well-known museums.

Indiana State Museum – Gov. Frank & Judy O’Bannon Great Hall, Kristin Hornberger Photography

Why host your event at a museum venue?

Museums are iconic.

Museums make impact. With their grandeur and style, every event is guaranteed to be as artful and historic as the space its held. A number of museum rent out their public spaces for events, with some museums also having event rooms.

Museums have amazing entrances.

Renting a museum doesn’t mean you’ll have access to the entire facility for your event. Often there are specific spaces for rent or rental tiers that include a group of spaces. For example, you may have cocktail in one location and dinner with dancing in another. The good news is that to get to these amazing locations guests will have the opportunity to make an amazing entrance.

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art – Stevenson Photo

Museums can accommodate events big and small.

Holding your event in a museum means you can host a very large event. Yet, there are often smaller, more intimate spaces, for smaller events.

Museums have more to do than mingle.

Every museum is different and has different rental spaces as well, but some include access to galleries giving guests more to do. Some museums also offer tours to event groups during their event time for an additional fee.

Indianapolis Museum of Art – Randolph H. Deer Special Events Pavilion Pavilion, SB Childs Photography

Museums are naturally beautiful.

As iconic, cultural destination, their interiors are thoughtfully cared for making museums beautiful locations to host events. With ample natural light, beautiful natural finishes and clean layouts, museums mean unique décor could be built right in.

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