1 Aug

6 Things Vendors Love

A trusted team of event professionals is a major component for an event’s success. They are the ones that will be at your event, often behind-the-scenes, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Often tackling any upsets without you even knowing that they have occurred.

When initially meeting a potential vendor for your event, be open and honest with them about both your budget and the expectations you have for your event. The more forthcoming you are, the easier it is to determine if a vendor is a good fit. It’s also better for the vendor to provide you with event solutions that fit what you’re looking for.

Being Prepared
Event planning is all about preparation. When meeting with event professionals, having examples of your inspiration such as floral photos, an fairly solid estimated guest count, ideas about the menu or overall feel of the event, all equip you and your potential vendor with information and details they need so no time is wasted.

Photo by Kristen MIttlestedt Photography

Trust and Respect
Trust the professionals. We cannot stress the importance of truly trusting those you choose to work with. More often than not, experienced vendors can likely point out event pain points for various ideas or have more feasible event solutions that are both efficient and economical.

Meeting Deadlines
Whether it’s paying a deposit, returning a contract, communicating guest count, or providing selections, there are several tasks that you’ll need to complete for your vendors. Be sure to note any deadlines and try your best to meet them so that your event details can be finalized in a timely manner.

Flowers by JP Parker Florist – Photo by Jackie Santana Photography

Creating the Vendor Dream Team
With so many possible vendor choices within the event industry, it is possible that one of your vendors may not have worked with the others. It’s helpful to facilitate introductions so that your vendors are on the same page for your event. This could be as simple as an introductory group email so that everyone has each other’s contact information and now has a way to contact everyone simultaneously for questions or to iron out event details that may affect the timeline.

Saying Thanks
We love thank-you cards – as does any vendor. There are so many ways to commemorate a successful event. But perhaps most important is recommending your vendor team to others – particularly by writing an online review.  Your praise will help our vendors’ businesses’ grow!

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