17 Jul

Wedding Day Details Not to Miss

The process of wedding planning is a series of decisions being made, one after the other. Throughout that train of decisions are also a few little things that are easily forgotten, but details that add the perfect touch to the entire event. Whatever boxes you have left to check off, here are a few hints for some of the most overlooked planning details.

Directions and Signage

Helping your guests get to your ceremony and reception location are of the utmost importance. Providing a map or adding a link to a map from your wedding website helps guests know exactly where they should be headed. As a safe guard, be sure to include a map for travel between the ceremony and reception locations  in your wedding program, or have them available for guests to take a they leave.

The Entrance

First impressions make a difference in both the ceremony and reception locations. A personalized entryway for both make your event more welcoming for guests. Many times this can be done with the help of a florist by adding garlands around door frames or having a DJ install uplighting to drench the entryway.

The Escort Cards

Escort cards are extremely easy to personalize and a great way to help carry out your wedding colors or theme. When the seating is assigned ahead of time, you save guests the pressure of searching for a seat at the wedding reception. It also helps give your VIP guests such as parents a designated reserved space with the best view of the couple.

The Guest Book

Quite often the guest book is simply that, a book of guest signatures. Elevate this element by turning this keepsake into one you’ll look back on often by turning it into your favorite Jenga game or a scrapbook of photos to look through. It takes more than setting out a couple of pens to make a guest book enticing enough to get all your guests to sign it.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah and Rachel Photography

The Lighting

For several couples adding décor lighting like café lights and uplights are one of the last items to be decided upon due to budgeting issues, but it’s one element that can set the mood for the entire event. Lighting can create a sense of intimacy in a large space, help make various elements center stage, and the photos…. WOW! Decorative hanging lights, chandeliers, uplighting, café string lights – all of it can be used nearly anywhere to create a beautiful space.

Menu Cards

If you’re offering a ‘choice-of’ entrée, menu cards are a beautiful touch. Even if offering a single entrée, a single entrée card for each table is a nice touch to help guests appetites grow in anticipation of the fantastic meal you’ve selected. These cards can coordinate with your colors and add a stylish touch to your tabletop. These cards can be as formal or informal as you’d like.

The Cake Table

Every cake deserves its chance in the spotlight! Create the perfect setting for your cake by keeping décor low to the table and dressing the table with a nice linen, add a few small candles and some floral from your florist – voila! To truly give your cake the royal treatment, consider talking with your caterer or baker about which cake riser is available and can be used.

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 The Chairs

Chairs really do transform a space. Match your chair treatment t your wedding style. The right chairs and chair treatments can transform a bland room into something that’s elegant and refined. Our personal favorite are chiavari chairs, but in some spaces a spandex chair cover with rouched back gives the perfect amount of texture.

A Game Plan for Kids

Worried about children staying quiet and behaving for your ceremony? Pass out coloring books and crayons to kids. At mealtime, seat small children with their parents. If lots of older children will be attending, it may be worth it to have a children’s table with games, crafts, and other things to occupy them if they grow tired of dancing or finish their dinners early.

The Favors

Favors are no necessary, but they are a nice way to show your thanks to your guests. Our first choice for thank-you gifts is to offer something edible. Favors can double as escort cards or can be arranged at each guest table for guests to easily take with them when they leave. They can also be displayed on a separate table near the exit for guests to take on their way out.

The Exit

Fireworks and sparklers are two of the biggest wedding exit trends of this decade – and the popularity of this sendoff isn’t slowing down. If going out with a bang isn’t your style, consider renting creative getaway transporation. Vintage card decorated in bright flowers? Or perhaps and sleek and stylish sports car?

Photo Courtesy of Sarah and Rachel Photography

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