23 Mar

Beat the Heat at Summer Ceremonies

Summertime in Indiana is an absolutely beautiful season for weddings, but as we all know, the month of June through September are known for their warm temperatures and sunshine. If you’re planning a summer wedding, especially one that’s outdoors, you’ll not only need to be prepared for any weather surprises and be creative when it comes to beating the heat to keep both you and your guests happy.

Crank the AC
We know that you can’t have air-conditioning outside, but having guests gather in an air-conditioned space, such as the lobby of the reception venue if your ceremony is in the same location, prior to the ceremony beginning can keep them comfortable for far longer.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
This is important for the couple and their guests. Drinking water throughout the day is incredibly important on extremely warm summer days, but with the day being a flurry of activity for many it is also something that is easy to forget to do. For those attending the wedding, consider having a water station with either bottled water or infused waters to keep your guests refreshed before and during the ceremony.

Create a Breeze
Printing ceremony programs on a fan tackles two birds with one stone – not only will your guest have all the information about your processional, but they will also be able to keep themselves cool as need be.

Serve Chilly Refreshments
Besides having cold water available for guests, consider having cool treats on hand like Nicey Treats or frozen ice cream bars. Treats can be served before the ceremony or immediately after.

Shade the Guests
With the sun beaming down, if there isn’t any immediate shade available in your ceremony area, offering your guests a parasol or decorative canopy will help keep them comfortable. It also adds a whimsical element while still keeping guests cool.

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