6 Oct

10 Wedding To-Do’s AFTER Your Wedding Day

In the weeks following the wedding, after festivities wind down, your wedding day is still probably all you’ll be able to think about. Enjoy this bliss for as long as possible! Just don’t forget these important things to be done as soon as the wedding is over. Here are the top 10 things you’ll want to tackle within the first three months of saying ‘I do!’

The Day After the Wedding

1. Save the Cake!
Don’t let those delicious wedding cake memories end with the last bite. Kahn’s Catering will replicate and box the top tier of your wedding cake for you to take home and enjoy. Either dig in the week after or save it for your first anniversary!


2. Keep Your Bouquet
Brides take time to create the perfect wedding bouquet, we don’t blame them if they want to marvel at it for years to come. There are several preservation companies locally and nationally to help create a memorable treasure. Be sure to make arrangements for bouquet preservation at least a month in advance of the wedding so that following the reception the proper steps that they recommend for the best results can be taken. Be sure to talk with your florist as well because they may be able to preserve the bouquet for you in place of using an additional vendor.


About a Week After the Wedding

3. Preserve the Wedding Dress
If you are leaving the day after your wedding on your honeymoon, this would be a great task to put the mother-of-the-bride or the maid-of-honor in charge of – take the dress to the dry cleaner and get it preserved. No one wants a wedding dress with old champagne stains sitting in their closet!

About One Month after the Wedding

5. Say Thank You
There may be many people scoffing at the idea of waiting a month to write out thank you cards to all your guests, but timing is everything. And writing out thank you cards certainly takes quite a bit of time – depending on how large of a wedding you host. Also, if you leave for your honeymoon right away or take a long honeymoon trip, about a month after your wedding may be the first opportunity you have to sit down and start working on them. To make writing your thank-you cards more manageable, try to write a few every day and don’t forget to employ the help of your spouse! Just remember, it’s good form to send these cards out within two months of you wedding day.


6. Review Your Vendors
Your wedding vendors worked tirelessly to make your day feel magical and special, so return the favor by posting a great review of their work on popular wedding websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire. It’s a great way to express gratitude and help your vendors grow their business. And don’t just do it for them – do it so other couples can discover your amazing caterer or fabulous photographer.

7. Change Your Name (If You’ve Decided To!)
If you are a bride changing your name, you’ll want to wait till after your honeymoon. You’ll need your original marriage license with your new last name on it to make changes to your social security card, license, bank accounts, and anything else tied to your maiden name.

About Two Months after Your Wedding

8. Give Everyone Your New Address
If your wedding involved a move, it’s perfectly fine to send a mass email or even a card announcing the location of your new home. You could announce this in your thank you card to hit two birds with one stone, but there will be many others that didn’t attend your wedding that you’ll want to share your new address with. As the hustle and bustle of the post-wedding bliss begins to settle, it’s the perfect time to make the announcement.

9. Tackle Those Registry Last Minutes
We are pretty confident that you don’t need two blenders, so it’s time to tackle one of the more time consuming post-wedding to-dos (other than the thank you cards) and start making returns of the items you received double of. While stores will likely be able to accept most items back within three months of purchase, it’s good to do a little research to call ahead and determine what the policy actually is, what can be accepted and how long after purchase you have to do it.

About Three Months after Your Wedding

10. Photos
Depending on how busy your photographer is during the time of year that you get married, it is possible you’ll have to wait a few months before you can see your finished wedding photos. We know the anticipation is hard to handle, but it will be worth it! Once you have the opportunity to view your photos, start planning with your photographer an album to can turn into a family heirloom.


Remember, life’s celebrations don’t stop at weddings. There are still many parties to attend and many more to plan! We hope we can celebrate your anniversary with you too!

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