30 Jun

Wedding Guest Extras for Extra Comfort

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. Any extra thought you give to your wedding and your wedding guests – all the more appreciated your guests will feel. There are some elements that you can add to really take care of your wedding guests that don’t have to be big budget items.

Guest Itineraries


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If you are hosting several out-of-town guests, providing an itinerary of important details and events happening throughout the weekend such as a welcome dinner and a goodbye brunch. If you are hosting your out-of-towners at the rehearsal dinner, this is also important information to help them be part of the festivities. Information would include times, venue addresses, and maybe a map letting them know where all of the important locations are. Itineraries are a helpful reminder for your guests and help them stay on track. Unsure of when you to hand them out? Consider adding them to a small welcome bag left at your guests’ hotel.

Wedding Signs


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For guests that have never been to your venue, some wayfinding signs are a great way to help your guests navigate. Examples of signs to provide would direct guests to the restrooms, ceremony, dancing area, cocktail hour, and reception space. Also, if your venue has a hidden drive or is hard to find, signs help guests know they are in the right spot.

Amenity Baskets


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Both the men and the women will appreciate a selection of ‘just in case’ products. Places in the restrooms at your reception venue, the baskets contain gender appropriate items such as body spray or cologne, gum, dress shoe laces, floss, shout wipes, body lotion, hair spray, and more. Ultimately it is up to you what you choose to include and what items you make available. Guests will appreciate these baskets in crisis, like if they have a headache or something spills on their outfit.

No Cash Bar


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A cash bar is not a welcoming sight for wedding guests who may not have prepared for the situation. If you are trying to keep your budget low, consider hosting a few select items like beer, wine and soda. Create chic signs to put on the bar listing what is available – if you really want to include cocktails but not take on the costs be sure to let your guests know.



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Valet is one extra that can make your guests very happy! Especially if hosting your event downtown on a busy event night that may make parking difficult. A valet service can eliminate a parking headache and is wonderful in the event of bad weather. Keeping this as a complimentary service for your guests is recommended and it is up to them if they want to tip. It is so night to know you don’t’ have to run out to the parking lot after a night of dancing!


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