16 Jun

Color: From Unforgettable to Memorable

Many businesses hosting corporate or social events (even individuals hosting social events), don’t always give great mind to the color scheme. As a fairly standard ‘fall back’, businesses often opt to go with their company’s colors to tie in with the brand.

The colors you choose for your event make a huge difference.


Colors affect the emotions of attendees and guests just as much as the lighting, music, décor, speeches and speakers, ect. It’s all part of the finer details in the event’s overall landscape. Don’t underestimate finding the right color scheme for your event!


Why Color is Critical

First off, it’s incredibly important to remember that certain colors are inappropriate for certain events. From there, additional factors need to be considered. Unlike a wedding, where the choice of colors usually come down to the couple’s favorite palate, business and social events need to ask the question: Do the colors tie in with the brand identity, theme, and the attendees and guests themselves? The bottom line is that your events’ color scheme has the power to offend guests as well as to form a deeper connection with the brand, theme, and audience. This isn’t just colors – it matters with décor, table seteup, lighting, and menu too.


Colors and Emotions

Artists have been manipulating colors for centuries, and modern day artists (the marketers and advertisers of the world), have been doing it for a very long time as well.


The list goes on and on.

Use Color for the Right Reasons

Pay attention to color trends. However, regardless of what is in or out of style, different colors are constantly circulating in popularity. Different colors are associated with different tones and moods. No reason to neglect using that to your advantage at your own event.


If you want to promote a sense of urgency, weave an accent of red into your color scheme. If you want to keep things calm, consider seaside blues and greens.


The point is, colors and combination of colors have the power to create a certain atmosphere that can make any event unforgettable. The only question is, will you use the inherent effects of color to enhance your next corporate or social gathering?

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