26 May

Let’s Celebrate….National Wine Day!

Today is… National Wine Day! Not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day on February 18th…. Yes, it is real! So, it’s time to rejoice with our glasses held high. Looking for ways to celebrate National Wine Day? We have a few ideas (that you can find at the bottom of this post), but the real question you should be asking is – red or white?


If you are interested in beginning a wine collection, the lifelong journey in wine appreciation and all the varied and wonderful experiences that come with it, then follow this simple three-step primer to begin your own wine collection to celebrate National Wine Day.

Step One: Create Storage

Of course buying the wine is half the fun, however you’ll need a place to store your bottles. A large wine refrigerator, a wine closet or a cellar will all work beautifully. Be sure it is in a location that is cool, dark and vibration free. No great collection starts in boxes stacked in a corner.

Step Two: Taste


You may be new to the wine world or a bit of a connoisseur, either way there are questions to be asked. Do you prefer heavy or light? Red or white? Sparkling or still? There are several options and you should have a general idea of what wines you enjoy before you begin acquiring. The best way to figure out what you love? Drink a lot of wine. Attend wine tastings and visit with premiere wine stores to not only try new grapes, but learn more about wine as a whole. When you’re out at a restaurant, order a glass and give it a go. Drink, drink, drink, drink.


Still unsure of where to start? Stop by Vine & Table, an Indianapolis Wine and Gourmet Food Shoppe in Carmel, Indiana, for one of their free tasting events. (Especially Extravaganza in December!) This Saturday, May 28th from 11am to 2pm they will be offering a free sampling of Thorn Merlot, D66 Grenach, Machete Red Blend, and Palemo Cabernet Sauvignon. Stay up to day on all of Vine & Table events by visiting eatdrinkevolve.com/events.

Step Three: Establish Relationships


It is extraordinarily helpful to purchase wines from someone you trust and who you can talk to about your goals in collecting. Ordering online is one route, but not necessarily the best. Establishing a relationship with a local wine shop will help you in many ways. They may be able to connect you with other collectors in the area and can alert you to tastings and special wine events. Don’t underestimate the value of a personal touch and personal connection when it comes to wine. Also, that person has likely tasted far more wines than you’ll ever taste. They can help steer you in the right direction when making choices.

Remember, don’t just buy, buy, buy. Take your time and collect for the right reasons, educated reasons and with the advice of friends. Buy wine when you travel or to commemorate a special date.  As your collection grows, so will your memories.


Time to Celebrate National Wine Day

Join us to celebrate National Wine Day with some of our favorite wine-related activities.

  1. Cook with Wine
  2. Drink the Wine

Have a great Wine Wednesday!

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