19 May

Art of Entertaining: Parties at Home

Entertaining guests is about designing a full experience where colors, lights, scents, flavors, and sounds work together in harmony to create joyful, unforgettable moments. The secret is in providing comfort with personality, in the emotions you and your home can convey.

Once a room best kept away from view, the kitchen is now an important part of the experience even when it comes to home events. Open layout kitchens that extend into the living area of the home have changed the dynamics of entertaining, inviting guests to enjoy the food preparation process and bringing the acts of cooking and socializing together. It makes for a more intimate way of connecting with your guests.

When it comes to entertaining, the devil is in the details; so here are some tips to make sure your next home party is a success.




The rule of thumb is to make them in line with the overall style of the table and the theme of the party, if there is one. Avoid flowers with too strong or too sweet a fragrance (like hyacinths and violets). They will interfere with the dining experience. Keep the composition neither so small it gets lost nor so big it prevents guests from looking at each other.


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Stronger lights are better through the guests’ arrival and cocktail time; switch to softer lights during dinner. If the dinner table and the kitchen are in the same environment, do your best to  create a more pleasant background atmosphere during dining and focus the attention to the table through well-placed candles.



The best parties always have great spaces for guests to mix and mingle. Instead of crowding in the kitchen, make use of all areas of your home including the patio space and great room. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to get some fresh evening air and being able to move around as they please.


Don’t forget to ask your guests about any food allergies or potential dietary concerns you should be aware of in planning your menu, to make sure you have options for everyone.

Paying attention to the little things and entertaining from the heart will make all the difference. Have fun planning and hosting your next party at home!


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