14 Apr

Tips for Navigating Your Wedding Date

We have said before the best way to get the wedding venue of your dreams is to have a flexible wedding date. However, for some selecting a wedding date is more important and a little planning navigation is in order to get the ball rolling. Selecting a date doesn’t need to be a tricky process, and by following these simple pieces of advice you will get your date settled in no time.



Choose the Season

The first part of selecting a date is to choose which season you want to be married in. If you love the rich palate of autumn, choose a date in the fall. If you love the sun and warmer weather, get married in the summer. Maybe you have dreamed of riding a sleigh through the snow and adore the end-of-year holiday season? A winter wonderland wedding should be your choice. By compartmentalizing the year into four distinct time periods and considering your preference, you can zero in on the time of year to get married.


Dates of Significance

Some couples like to focus on dates of significant when picking the date of their wedding. Getting married on the anniversary of your first date or engagement or another important event can be an easy – and symbolic – way to picking your special date.



Exchanging vows on a holiday or holiday weekend is a matter of personal preference. Some like to select long holiday weekends because it allows guests to have extra time to travel. If thinking of Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend, a couple can take advantage of a Sunday wedding because guests will still have Monday to relax and travel before getting back to work.

Keep in mind that some dates have premium pricing during holiday times because of competition. It will pay to book early. Additionally, respect that your guests may not want to be away from their own families on holidays of significance such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

While not a holiday, making note of notable events in your area around your chosen date is important. As many Hoosiers know, Downtown Indianapolis can be very busy throughout the year with conventions, tournaments and Colts games. Be mindful as hotel rooms may book, air fare may be heightened and streets may be closed.

Noteworthy Guests

Of course you aren’t going to check in with every single guest to see if they are able to attend your wedding, but you absolutely want to be sure the most important people in your life won’t have a conflict. Consider them the VIPs of your event. Typically this is parents, grandparents and anticipated wedding party.

Don’t forget about yourself either! You and your fiancée are the most important people in the equation. If you know that you have a busy season at work in April or September, or that your job doesn’t allow vacation during particular times of the year – stay clear of those dates.

Greg + CJ at Indiana State Museum along the canal with their wedding party.

Venue Availability

We have said it before and we will say it again: Don’t want too long to start contacting venues. Take the other advice we’ve given into account and make a list of the places where you envision your ceremony and reception to be and start making those calls and booking those tours. Date availability and pricing will vary depending on the time of year, day of the week and other factors like holidays dependent on venue. If you are planning a ceremony and reception at two separate locations, remember to ensure availability at both venues before signing a contract.

You may not find it ideal, but ask venues if they have any dates available in the short term, too. While next August might not be available, perhaps this August is because of a cancellation. Trust us, it never hurts to ask.


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