17 Dec

Late Night Snacks To Keep the Party Going

If you ever want a party to last into the wee hours of the night, you have to fuel your party-goers. Of course everyone enjoyed the fabulous dinner and delectable desserts, but the night is far from over. There’s a party to follow and your guests may need an energy boost or two if they’re going to keep dancing, celebrating or socializing throughout the night.

Something sweet and something savory will keep your guest energized. So, serve some late night nibbles to keep your guests, and your party, going. To help with the menu, we’ve gathered together a few snack suggestions that you and your guests are sure to love.

Sliders and Mini Hotdogs


These ‘bite-sized’ burgers make perfect late night snacks. A slider bar is a fun addition to any event. You can opt for guests to build their own or select a few mouthwatering options they can choose from. Hearty enough to re-energize guests and light enough that they won’t feel weighed down, sliders are an excellent option. Plus, their small size makes them easy to handle so they are party friendly and your guests won’t need utensils. The same goes for mini hotdogs as well! They are

French Fries

Who can say no to savory, salty goodness? Not only are these quick and easy to cook up, you can serve them in stylish palm leaf cups and give your guests a choice of seasonings or sauces.

Mini Gelato Cones


Of course, you’ll want some sweet snack options as well, and mini-gelato cones make the perfect offering. They are quick to prepare, easy to eat on the move, and they just the right size. Stick with popular flavors like vanilla bean, wild blackberry, or chocolate peanut butter brownie.

Coffee Drinks

Finally, to wake up the party and get guests back to the dance floor, consider having a coffee bar. Go beyond basic black coffee and offering flavors, whipped topping, and chocolate shavings. Consider pairing with a biscotti or beignets.

Other fun late night snack ideas include pizza, mini-ice cream sandwich stations, donuts, and fresh caramel apples.




A feast shouldn’t end with the dinner service. The celebrations have just begun, and there’s a party to go to. You and your guests will need fuel to keep that party going, so think of some fun and tasty late night snacks to help your guests running at full throttle.

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