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Bridal Show Survival Guide

’Tis the season of tinsel, trees, and diamond rings—engagement season is here! This wedding industry–friendly term refers to that special time of year when a majority of proposals occur. As reported by Wedding Wire, one third of the engagements in 2015 occurred between Thanksgiving and the New Year. The holidays seem to be the perfect time to pop the question with friends and family gathered near!

Chances are, if you are recently engaged, you’ll likely attend or consider attending one of the local Indianapolis-area wedding shows. A wedding show is a one-stop shop for wedding planning. There can be 50 to more than 100 vendors all in one location vying for your attention. It’s a great way to gather information, begin comparing prices and services, register for prizes, and get fresh, fun ideas to make your wedding memorable. However, they can be overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of show day!



Save time by registering online before the event. If you register beforehand, you may also get a free or discounted admission ticket, special door prizes, free gifts, or more.

Create a Separate Email Account

Organize all of your wedding-related email through one account. This will avoid cluttering your regular e-mail inbox and keeps things in one place. Once you choose your vendors, you can either give them your personal e-mail address or continue using your wedding account. When you no longer want to receive offers, simply delete the account.

Make Address Labels

Nearly every vendor you visit is going to want to collect your contact information. Instead of continually writing and rewriting your information for each vendor, create a mailing label so all you’ll have to do is slap it on their sheet and move on. Labels should include both names of the couple, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, and ideal wedding date.


Bring a Credit Card

You’ll find that several vendors may offer best-pricing at the show. If it’s a deal you don’t want to pass up, you will be prepared. Even if you don’t find a vendor with an amazing deal, you still might find cute accessories or wedding party gifts that you simply cannot say no to.

Charge Your Devices

Bring your phone or tablet fully charged. You will talk to a lot of vendors and taking good notes is critical. Also, you will want to schedule follow-up appointments on the spot, if possible.

Take Photos

Be ready to snap a lot of pics (another reason to be fully charged). An image is the easiest way to capture all of the inspiration coming your way. Photos are also a good way to remember the work of particular vendors you may like.


Bring A Friend

Don’t come alone! Bring friends or friendly family members. Use your entourage to bounce ideas off of or to carry all the show swag you collect.

Bonus Tip

Here’s your free bonus tip. And it may be the most important of them all — wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the experience.

Kahn’s Catering will be at both the January and February 2016 Perfect Wedding Guide Winter Wedding Shows. Our favorite is the February show because it is held at our own venue, Montage, located on Indianapolis’ North side. We hope to see you there!

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