9 Sep

Throwing a Wedding Brunch

Some say it’s trendy. We say it’s wonderful! Wedding receptions, brunch style. The growing popularity of Sunday weddings is the perfect reason to host a wedding reception brunch. Or for those that want to extend their celebrations, a day-after wedding brunch is a great way to entertain out-of-town guests. Weddings are an event! If you are seeking a way to have a unique wedding, consider throwing a wedding brunch the day after your reception to make it even more memorable.

Timing to a T

Brunch usually takes place between 11am and 2pm. This mellow morning timeframe is perfect for serving fresh juices, custom coffees, and cocktails along with some light hors d’oeuvres (think scrambled egg tartlets and mini French toast paired with mimosas, bellinis, and champagne!) before the main course. The earliest time to consider for a brunch is 9am. Guests can stand and chat, cheer, and  continue to celebrate.

Food Trends

If there was one word to sum it up, it would be frittatas. These vegetable-and-egg dishes are all the rage. Feeling lighter without being rich, it’s full of vegetables appealing to the health conscious guests and can be prepared with delicious herbs and cheeses. If eggs aren’t up your alley, grilled vegetables and smokes meats and fish. Bagels with lox will always be a well-loved standard. Creative versions of classics like chicken salad and open-face sandwiches are making their way onto brunch plates throughout the states and pair well with morning cocktails and wedding cake. If you want a more lively food experience, consider an action station such as omelets made to order, French toast stations, or a crepe/pancake station with various toppings and syrups.

Brunch Menu Planning

Welcome the day and a new life adventure in a festive manner with brightly colored flowers, sparkling beverages, and delicious fun fare. Satisfy friends and family with a bountiful buffet and fresh juice bar. If you prefer a more formal atmosphere, don’t forget the champagne and turn your brunch into a three-course meal.

When planning a brunch menu, be certain to have more than just a fruit salad as the only vegetarian or healthy offering. Consider fruit yogurt, egg-white omelets, gourmet flatbreads, poached salmon, vegetable tarts, grilled veggie sandwiches and salads. Think beyond the ordinary by adding flair. Instead of muffins and croissants, feature scones or walnut banana bread. After a savory brunch, end on a sweet note by offering dessert. You may opt for a lighter cake such as carrot, lemon, or even cheesecake. Popular cakes like ‘naked cakes’ are a great addition to a brunch reception menu. Topped with fresh fruits and dashed with powdered sugar, these treats are both sweet, satisfying, and just light enough for a mid-day meal.


Go light on the liquor — it may not even be noon! Don’t forget morning-time cocktails favorites like bloody marys, mimosas, screwdrivers, mint juleps, punch, tequila sunrise, bellinis or a champagne bar. And, of course, include delicious non-alcoholic breakfast beverages such as coffee (think American, cafe au lait, espresso with lemon zest, cappuccino, Thai iced coffee), tea, (think black, green, mint, spiced, chamomile, Earl Gray, English breakfast), fresh juices and an Italian soda bar.

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