29 Sep

4 Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Cake More

After months of planning, tasting and dreaming you have finally chosen the perfect cake for your wedding. From design to flavor, you have made sure that your cake is not only beautiful but delicious too. However, that’s only half the battle. It’s always surprising how often people overlook the importance of their wedding cake presentation. Especially when the couple is meticulous in their planning and stylish in the overall look of the event. There is no need to house it in a far, dark corner of a cavernous event space. To many, wedding cake is a significant aspect of any wedding they attend. It’s swaddled in years of tradition, but what good is it if the cake it tucked away far from anyone to enjoy?


Designing a beautiful cake is certainly the first step, but none of that will matter if it’s not properly on display.


Cake DO: Place your cake front and center! We love displaying our cakes in the center of the dance floor for everyone to marvel at as they enter from cocktail hour and enjoy their meal. You’ve taken the time to design a cake that reflects your personal style and taste – share it with your guests! Guests truly look forward to the cake cutting. It’s the second most photographed element of a wedding – next to the couple!


Cake DO: Position your cake in an area with great lighting. Or bring in lighting if it’s not available. It’s something that makes your cake extra special and creates the perfect backdrop for photos.


Cake DO: Choose a coordinating linen for your cake table. Sometimes a custom linen is simply out of the budget – but you can always do a custom cloth for the cake table. Since there is only one, it won’t make a significant financial impact on your event. It’s another opportunity to draw the focus to your cake and make it even more special.


Cake DO: Consider the size of the table your cake will be displayed on. If you are only cutting a tasting cake, don’t worry about having a separate table for the cake alone. Combine your cutting cake with other desserts to create a visually pleasing and delicious dessert display.

The bottom line is that your wedding cake is more than just dessert. It’s also part of your décor. It is completely and unequivocally a sweet reflection of you. Let your wedding cake shine! See a few of our favorite wedding cakes. Did you know that wedding cake is included in each of our special occasion packages? We make them our self too!

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