13 Aug

Kirkpatrick Management Spirit Awards at Montage

We have been working with Kirkpatrick Management for many years, but this event is by far one of our favorites! How couldn’t it be when there is an ice sculpture sitting on a table towering over us? Our jaws dropped when we saw the ice sculpture Kirkpatrick Management had commissioned for their annual Spirit Awards celebration. Towering over us as it rested upon a table, and an exact replica of their coveted award, we knew this event was sure to be a stunner.


Kirkpatrick Management did an incredible job of decorating and planning for their awards luncheon. They were so excited by what they had in store for their employees, that they kept their main space a complete secret! How did they do this? To begin their event, all guests entered through the private Riesling Room entrance. This space is great for a surprise just like this! With private restrooms, a private entrance, and its own patio guests were able to enjoy their morning, listen to the guest speaker, and never once sneak a peak of the main awards space.

While in the Riesling Room a continental breakfast was served and enjoyed while the guest speaker gave his presentation.

Continental Breakfast

Featuring assorted fresh-baked pastries

Fresh melon, grapes, berries, pineapple and strawberry grand marnier dip

Vanilla Yogurt with Mixed Berries, Dried Fruits, Granola and Honey

Nantucket Fruit Juices

House blend regular and decaf coffee with cream, raw sugar, Splenda and stevia

For their grand reveal, the double doors connecting the Riesling Room to the Cabernet Room were opened with enthusiastic fanfare by the Kirkpatrick Management planning staff. The theme of the day was movies and was evident in their presentations, awards ceremony, and in their centerpieces.  As guests stepped into the Cabernet Room everyone was welcomed with a flourish of company spirit. The ice sculpture stood tall in the corner, framed by white pillars and signage. Each table was decorated with black and red linens and centerpieces boasted photos of employees and beautiful floral. The main stage was draped in red fabric bringing elegance and sophistication to their afternoon. As a special gift for every attendee, backpacks with ‘Spirit Awards’ were embroidered and placed at each seat.


Following their guest speaker and entering the Cabernet Room, guests enjoyed a delicious three course lunch prior to the awards ceremony. Because of the nature of their event and wanting to get things under way quickly, salads were preset at each place setting for guests to enjoy as the day progressed.

Presetting a starting course such as a salad, or even a final course like dessert, allows more time for presentations. By encouraging guests to start eating right away, you won’t need to wait for guest to be seated and served their first course. Of if presetting dessert, plates can be cleared and guests are welcome to enjoy the meal’s sweet ending right away or in their own time throughout the presentation without having to wait for it be served to them. Preseting a course helps keep with the flow of the event especially when having multiple speakers.

First Course

Kahn’s salad with mixed field greens, candied almonds, onion confit, tomatoes

Assorted rolls, flatbreads, french butter and herb sun-dried tomato butter

Second Course

Braised short rib with red wine au jus and

Cider marinated airline chicken breast with molasses chipotle glaze

Yukon gold mashed potatoes with caramelized onions

Asparagus spears on top of whole kernel corn

Third Course

Raspberry cheesecake


In our opinion, the Cabernet Room looked incredible! Several of our staff snuck into the space following the event to catch a glimpse of the large ice sculpture. It was very impressive! Do you think an ice sculpture is the wow factor that you need for your event? Ask us about it! We have great vendor relationships with companies that can create these wonders!


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