10 Aug

Posh Nosh: Late Night Snacks

After hours of sipping signature cocktails and busting a move on the dance floor, the toll of such a great time might be wearing on your guests. Hunger pains might set in even though they feasted on hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and wedding cake earlier in the evening. Nothing can ruin a wedding reception faster than hungry and tired guests that don’t have the energy to keep celebrating with you. There’s no better way to keep the party going than to surprise guests with a delicious late-night snack! More and more couples are adding an end-of-night treat to their wedding menu, and while there really are no hard rules on what to do or offer, we have a few suggestions for pleasing your guests.


Our late night menus are filled with some of our favorites, perfectly portioned and just enough for any late night cravings your guests might be having.

1. Make them minis.

Keep it small – just enough to satisfy without having to use any utensils. Your guests can grab this snack quickly and head straight back to the dance floor without having to make a pit stop at a table to use utensils to eat.

2. Serve something sweet or savory!

Who doesn’t love burgers and milkshakes? Not only is this combo savory and sweet, it’s familiar to your guests and enticing. Truly the possibility for late night snacks are endless and really only limited by your imagination, but keep in mind that guests will be more interested snacking on items they are familiar with like burgers, fries, pizza, and donuts.

3. Time is everything.

If you server your snacks too early, no one will eat them. If you serve them too late, a majority of your party may have left already and won’t’ get to enjoy them. Setting snacks out with an hour left in your party is a great time to revamp your guests’ energy.

4. It’s a snack not a meal!

When your caterer recommends providing enough food for half of your guest count, don’t think that you won’t have enough. As one of the best Indianapolis caterers, we have the experience and knowledge to know how much food is the right amount. As the night winds down, several guests may leave. Especially those with children or the elderly. Instead of providing enough food for your entire guest count, preparing enough food for half should be plenty. It’s a snack after all!


Kahn’s Catering has several late night options for your guests, including pizza and quesadillas. Our most popular late night items are part of our Deluxe Late Night Station. Who can say no to a midnight mini-milkshake?

Deluxe Late Night Snack Station

Beef sliders with buns, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard.

Mini hot dogs on buns with ketchup and mustard

Buffalo chicken strips with ranch dip and celery sticks

Mini chocolate milkshakes with whipped cream


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