28 Aug

How to Make a Cucumber Ring For Beautiful Salads

Presentation is an absolute must in taking salads from drab to fab. The more creative and colorful the plate, the more appetizing the dish! Our favorite way to prepare salads is upright in either a cucumber or parmesan ring. Not only do these add an element of visual pizazz, they also bring a fresh and flavorful punch. Creating these eye appealing delights is far simpler than you think. From our kitchen to yours, here is an easy and quick step-by-step tutorial on taking your salad presentation to the next level in an elegant cucumber ring.


What You Need
Mandolin slicer with straight blade
Washed cucumber with ends cut off


Step 1
Lay your cucumber on the mandolin slicer and make a few slices (about 2-3) to get rid of the exterior skin on one side.


Step 2
Make cucumber ribbons by slicing the cucumber in a downward motion. You will need 2 cucumber ribbons per salad. Each ribbon should be about 1/8 of an inch thick and be flexible and bendy without snapping.


Step 3
To assemble your cucumber ring you’ll need 2 cucumber ribbons of similar length and the same thickness. Start by overlapping the ends of each piece of cucumber by about 2to 3 inches, forming a circle and overlapping the opposite end a similar amount. Gently and firmly press the overlapping pieces of the cucumber together to create the ring.


Step 4
Add your lettuce to the center of the ring, building your salad up as you add toppings. You may need to readjust your cucumber ring slightly as you create your salad if the weight of your produce is weighing down the sides of the cucumber causing it to unravel.




We guarantee that whoever dines as your table will be wowed. Try creating your favorite salad with a cucumber ring variation! Impress your guests with this beautiful salad presentation.




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