22 Aug

5 Napkin Folds to Make Your Tabletop Pop

No matter the type of event that you are planning, the details deserve to be doted over. Kahn’s Catering will leave nothing to chance and when attending a planning appointment with your event specialist you might think that we are crazy asking some of the questions we do. From chair covers to linens to table numbers and napkin folds, we discuss everything that will help with the overall look and feel of your event.

And yes, you read that correctly.


We will ask you what type of napkin fold that you want. The look on many clients faces when they are asked about their preference is often the same. A little bit of confusion and a little bit of terror. We know that you are not a napkin fold connoisseur! And that is entirely okay. It’s typically not a detail that you’d think of in the grand scheme of things, but it is in fact part of the planning and deserves as much of your attention as your choice in floral.

For the most part, napkin folding styles are simple. Yet, their elegance is set in their simplicity and ability to add a pop of color or a splash of style to any tabletop. Here are some of our favorites, and most popular folds!

Pocket Fold

This elegant fold is perfect for any event placing a menu at each place setting or gifting their guests a favor that can slip into the pocket.This fold works well with most fabric textures. Pictured is yellow poplin linen.


Martha Steward Fold

This simple fold drapes casually off the table, laying flat at the place setting. The napkin can be laid out on its own or accompanied by a favor, as pictured. This fold works well with all fabric textured. Pictured is navy bridal satin.


Fold Over

Another simple napkin fold with a bit of flair. Just like the pocket fold, this napkin fold is wonderful for those events providing a menu at each seat or a favor to slip in. This works well with most fabric textures, however is best with starched fabrics such as poplin. Pictured is crimson bridal satin.


 Envelope Fold

Another great fold for a menu, program, or favor… or even on its own! This style of a pocket fold adds dimension to a typical place setting and makes all the eye sees more interesting.This fold works well with most fabrics but is best for stiffer fabrics like poplin. Pictured is maroon and champagne bridal satin.


Bishop’s Cap

Standing tall and angular, the bishop’s cap fold sits high off the table, as opposed to laying flat like the previous examples. The bishop’s cap fold helps balance tables without tall or elaborate centerpieces by adding dimension to the tabletop. This fold works best with stiffer fabrics. Pictured left is white poplin linen and pictured right is sky blue bridal satin.


So, what type of napkin fold is perfect for your event? The best way to choose what fits your style is to keep your overall look in mind, along with napkin fabric choice. Not all fabrics are created equal and there are some materials that don’t work well with more structured selections. Most events will include a centerpiece for every table, if you are opting for elaborate or tall centerpieces maintain balance by offering a simple fold that lays flat to the table.

Our team aims to make your event one that you will remember for years to come, down to every last detail. Are you feeling inspired?


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