15 Jul

Weddings Under the Tent Top: Congratulations Katherine + Evan

When it comes to weddings, there really is no place like home. How can someone regret saying ‘I do!’ in a place that means most to you? Being married at home is a unique alternative to traditional reception venues. A backyard fete can hold special meaning to you, your parents, and many of your guests. There is history. There are memories. There is so much charm. While on-location affairs outside of a typical event venue are truly a blank canvas, they also have a specific element of detail that must be adhered to in order to celebrate success.

Katherine and Evan took detail to heart and celebrated their union at Katherine’s uncle’s home in Indianapolis with their closest friends and family earlier this summer. White draped ceilings swept through the reception space, infused with elements of a garden party, complete with ornate chandeliers hanging from the tent top, and cream flooring throughout. Tabletops were dressed in custom-made white linen featuring navy borders with napkins to match, freshly starched and folded in a simple diamond style. The colors of the wedding were seen around every corner of the reception area, giving the tent a polished and sophisticated look.


Using a separate tented space for cocktail hour kept a light and airy feeling throughout the event. Modern white leather sofas with matching ottomans and acrylic end tables centered the space providing guests with a relaxing place to take in their surroundings and each others company. Framing the room were seated cocktail tables adorned in navy and white floral linens and matching floral centerpieces boasting of hydrangeas.


Guests were welcomed to cocktail hour following Katherine and Evan’s ceremony at their church. A bourbon bar featured quality selections of Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, Angel’s Envy, Blanton’s, Knob Creek, Willett’s, Basil Hayden, and Eagle Rare. As well as spherical ice balls for a smoother drinking experience. A full bar quenched guests thirsts with mint juleps and true old fashions, among other selections including beer and wine. Both were open to guests throughout the evening.


Katherine and Evan selected a delectable menu for their guests. Butler passed hors d’oeuvres made their rounds offering a variety of both hot and cold selections followed by a three course meal and late night snack.


First Course
Mixed greens with smoked bacon, red pears, pink peppered goat cheese, julienne of bell peppers and peach bourbon vinaigrette served in a cucumber ring
With assorted dinner rolls, white cheddar and bacon biscuits and lemon rosemary flatbread with sun-dried tomato butter and French butter balls

Second Course
Red wine braised short rib with grilled crab stuffed prawns with spicy mustard sauce
With corn souffle, swiss chard , mustard greens and stem on organic carrots and pearl onions

Third Course
Wedding Cake

Late Night Snack
Salted French fries served in palm leaf cups with dipping sauce
Chili cheese fries served in palm leaf cups



Kahn’s Catering has experience catering on location at your location. We’ve been known to turn the most unlikely spaces into a gourmet kitchen producing the most mouthwatering cuisine, including an airplane hanger! We enjoy a great challenge and events on-location provide us with an opportunity to showcase the abilities of our team and how we can take visions to realities.

Katherine and Evan’s wedding was exquisite and a great example of hosting an event on-location the right way. With so many details to consider to turn their evening into a stress-free celebration, they trusted industry professionals to guide them around every curve. Before planning your event or wedding reception on-location outside of a typical event venue, take the following into consideration.

You need room to move, groove, and say ‘I do!’

Does your setup have enough space for all of your guests? Don’t mistake overcrowded for cozy. You’ll need to consider space not only for the reception itself, but room for a ceremony on-site (if that is your choice) and ample parking.

You’ll need to tend to your lawn.

Your yard will be on display, so give the space a manicured look. Whether that means you do it yourself or hire a landscaper, you’ll want your lawn and flower beds to be in peak form. This may mean considering floral up to a year in advance so perennials have the opportunity to take hold throughout the winter months.

You’ll need to rent everything.

While many items like tableware, serveware, tables, and linens are part of your pricing from your caterer, consider restroom facilities, rubbish collection, tent, and flooring. Tenting is a necessity to providing your guests with refreshing shade in warm months and as shelter from rain. Additionally, flooring is vital to presenting an even ground for guests to walk on and will stay dry compared to grass that holds moisture after a rain shower. Both act as safeguards for the ‘what ifs’ that can occur before or during an event, but also finish off the space for a completed look.

Wedding vendors need to see the space.

Kahn’s Catering can create a kitchen, practically anywhere, but to do so we need to see the space we are working with. Much like other vendors, familiarizing ourselves with what is available at your location helps us determine what equipment we need to bring to make your event a rousing success. Keep in mind that you main strain your location’s power supply (if one is available) with lighting and other necessary electronics and a generator may be necessary. Always consult with your vendors to understand their space and power needs to best equip them for your event.

Have a Plan B that is as good as Plan A.

If anyone understands how weather can take a turn at a moment’s notice, it’s a Hoosier. Our great state has seem some unprecedented rain fall this summer and every drop of that rain can make or break an event, whether it’s before or during the event itself. By providing a tent and having siding available, you are preparing yourself for the worst case scenario so that your party goes as smoothly as possible. Consider fans or heaters for varying temperature, siding for tents and flooring as well. Having foresight for certain circumstances can go a long way when planning an affair.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.! Keep checking back to our blog often to see the great weddings we have the pleasure of being a trusted part of.

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