6 May

5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning More Enjoyable

I’ve worked with couples of every kind, from the laid-back and casual to the high-strung Type A’s. For the former group, it’s easy to relax and enjoy the wedding day. But for the latter, handing over the reins and entrusting someone else with your special day might make you break out in a cold sweat. When I was a bride, I surely had my bridezilla moments (I have very strong opinions about linens), but getting to plan my own wedding was a dream come true because my career revolves around helping couples plan theirs.

Things are always harder when it’s your own. While I thinking helping others is a slice of heavenly funfetti cake, planning my own wedding was stressful. Trust me, I had a tight grip on my planning, and that isn’t to say you shouldn’t… but try to relax and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy every minute of your wedding planning experience and wedding day!

Here’s my advice:
1.    Keep a wedding checklist. I use checklists every day when working with my own clients and fully believe that every couple should implement checklists for their own weddings. The more the thorough the checklist, the better (if you’re a Type A.) Not only will this help you feel confident that you’ve handled everything you need to prior to your wedding, it helps you accomplish things in a timely manner. There are many great online resources! My favorite is one we have created outlining the 12 months leading up to your wedding. Download our 12-month wedding checklist now!

2.    Hire a wedding planner. I’m not just telling you this because as an Event Specialist I am part event planner and part event manager, there is true value and peace of mind that comes with having a professional help you implement your vision! Any of our past Kahn’s Catering brides and grooms understand the value that comes with choosing Kahn’s Catering because you get a professional like me to work with right from the beginning of your planning and should you choose to hire a wedding planner to help you plan in the ways I cannot, my team and I have experience and understand how to work effectively with other planners too.

3.    Use a binder or planning workbook. If you’ve ever gone to a big book store, there is usually a huge section of wedding planning resources available to choose from.  Planning binders and workbooks are an amazing way to keep everything organized. Especially if you have family or friends helping you with your planning! This one-stop-shop resource is a tool I recommend every bride or groom use to plan their special day. It will allow you to keep track of proposals, contracts, payments, timelines, all the details, and many times include inserts with helpful planning advice. Trust me, you will have to make small detail decisions that you didn’t realize and this will help keep your sanity.

4.    Create an agenda. Whether you’re working with a wedding planner, or your incredibly amazing self, creating an overall agenda of the entire day will help set you at ease. This detailed agenda can be shared with vendors as well as your friends and family that have important roles on your wedding day. It should include everything from the time hair and makeup begins, the times for photographs, to the time the venue is available for vendor arrival, and the order of your processional. Make sure it includes contact information for the vendors and the person handling all the day-of details (Do you really want to be bothered on your wedding day or is there someone else to call in your place?) Additionally, together you and I will create a timeline for your cocktail hour and reception alone. Everything from ceremony start time to dinner, wedding cake, late night snacks, and a fabulous sparkler exit. I will also help you schedule first dances, toasts, and even a bouquet toss!

5.    Maintain perspective. Yes, wedding planning takes time. Most likely you will spend months planning for this moment lost in Pinterest and wedding magazines. But the moment you wake up on your wedding day, you have to trust the professionals you hired and trust everything is in place to go perfectly. I planned for 2 months for my wedding and everything was over and done with in less than 24 hours. Remember it’s all about celebrating the commitment you made and the next chapter of your life with the one you love! Don’t stress about whether everything starts exactly on time, because at the end of the day you will be married! (Although I love when things start on time, I’m realistic in knowing that there might be a bump or two along the timeline road).

The key to enjoying your day and your wedding planning experience is to trust your own planning abilities and the individuals you work with to deliver on the promises they make. Only then can you confidently relax and enjoy your wedding day, as every couple should!

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