20 Apr

Our Philosophy on Food

Serving the best quality food is always of the highest importance in creating a memorable event, which is why we work diligently to prepare and make our cuisine from scratch, choose the freshest produce and meat available, and use trusted vendors that match our high standards.

Kahn's Catering Small Plates

If you have ever cooked at home, you know the challenges of cooking for a crowd.   Maybe its around the holidays, for a birthday or graduation, but to cook, to really cook, for a crowd is a challenge.   Shopping for great ingredients, having space to store ingredients or prepared products, and getting everything to come together at the right time and just as it should be—that is the challenge of cooking for a crowd.


As caterers, that’s the challenge we face every day.   Making great food, for thousands of people, from-scratch, within 24 hours of an event, is both an art, and a feat of engineering and logistics.


We promise our clients two things: great food, and great service.   Great food, though, starts with great people.   People who are an eclectic blend of with the energy of a rockstar, the eye of an artist and the analysis of an engineer.   They have in their head and know what it will take not only to conceptualize or prepare and item that will taste great, but to get it to the plate, whether served in a  home, one of our venues, or in an unconventional place.  Kahn’s is masterful at offsite catering.

The next ingredient is, well, ingredients.   Fresh vegetables.   Fresh herbs.  Fresh meats, poultry and fish.   Sauces and dressings from scratch.   The way it should be.    We shop like you would shop, with a meticulous eye for quality and freshness.  All this requires care, preparation, and the constant eye of our Executive Chef, Sam Merenda.  Do you need some menu inspiration? Read Real Menus from Real Weddings!

Then it’s time to plan.    Our expert planners will sit down and help our clients select their menus.    Creating a menu is much like getting dressed, like putting together a great outfit.    You don’t put on head-to-toe navy and think of that as an inspired outfit.  Instead, you mix color and textures, to create something interesting, eye catching, and distinctively you.     Planning your menu is much the same, it about thinking about balance and contrast.   Featuring different colors or shapes.  Selecting a salad with a creamy cheese, but then an ingredient with “crunch”, like a nut.  Our team of planners will help guide you through our extensive offerings to create your menu. Browse through our Menu Photo Gallery to see an assortment of delicious dishes!

At your event, our culinary team is focused on a number of characteristics which we use to judge every item we serve:

  • Taste-does this taste great?
  • Temperature-is the item at the correct serving temperature?
  • Texture-are items crispy, soft, smooth, etc, as intended?
  • Presentation-is the item presented artistically?

Our constant attention to these characteristics ensures that what is presented on the plate, is the type of cuisine we are known for, and what our clients expect when they entrust us with their event.  We look forward to sharing our passion for great food with you soon.






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