13 Mar

What An Event Planner Can Do For Your

There is no right or wrong way to plan an event. Making the decision to hire an event planner can often be tricky, especially if you are unsure if you need one. Many times it isn’t until you’re involved in the planning process that you might feel things are overwhelming and want the support of a professional to help you manage, consult, or coordinate your event day. Perhaps you don’t have the time you thought you’d have to dedicate to planning an event on your own, or you struggle with staying organized, or you are looking to make things as simple as possible for yourself on the day of your event. Whatever the reason, there are a few things to consider when making the decision of whether or not to hire a planner. Begin by understanding the type of service you need and then find a planner that you get along with and foresee yourself working with throughout the planning process.

What type of service do you need?

Perhaps you’re looking for someone to manage your event the day-of so you can enjoy, or perhaps you’re planning an events for hundreds and you need someone to keep you organized along the way. Whatever your need, there are several options for event planning services.

This service offers one on one interaction with an Event Specialist. They will guide you through the decision making process and advise you so you can tackle your event. By understanding your preferences, an Event Specialist is able to offer you direction that will making planning and decision making an easy task.

Often including consultation, all planning is staged by the event planner. This is from the vendors’ roles down to the day of the event.

This mix of both consultation and planning also incorporates all services as it relations to planning from start to finish. From managing appointments to helping you schedule vendor meetings and sign contracts.

Day of Coordination
Maybe you don’t need an event planner to get all of the planning done, but you do need someone available on the day of your event to handle the coordination of the event and execution so that you’re free to enjoy the festivities.

Once you determine the type of service that will best benefit you and your event, it’s important to compare which planner is the best fit for you. We don’t mean the planning style, but that the actual planner and you will be able to work together as you make big decisions for your special occasion. Establishing a good rapport with an event planner will let you know if its someone you’re able to work with in the long run. Take the time to interview potential event planners and learn about each of their styles and levels of service. What might be full-service to one may not be to another. Remember, it’s important that you feel comfortable with this person as they are there to with you throughout the event to ensure its success. Don’t be afraid to ask for references to better understand their experience. Some questions to ask potential event planners include:

  • What type of events do they most often organize?
  • How do they staff their projects?
  • What services do they provide?
  • When things go wrong, what does the planner do to solve them?

With each planner there is a different style and level of service available. Ask how often you should expect to be in contact with them leading up to your event. You also want to be assured that your planner will be readily accessible, or their team will be, on the day of your event itself. In many cases, your planner will be contacting you to make crucial decisions so it is equally important that you are available for them as well. If you plan on being out of town or out of communication for any period of time during the planning process, let your planner know and have a secondary person available for contact in your place.

It’s important you are confident in the vendors you trust with your special days and memorable events. As one of those vendors Kahn’s Catering wants you to know we understand the detail and organization necessary throughout the planning process. Kahn’s Catering has worked with event planners from all over Indianapolis as well as event planners from Chicago for weddings to corporate galas to other special occasions. We are prepared to work with both you and your planner as we make a reality of the event you’re envisioning.

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