19 Mar

Pie for Pi Day at the Farmer’s Market Cafe

Not only is it a number… it’s a cultural phenomenon! Pi Day is a celebration of mathematics and occurs every year on March 14th (3.14). Kahn’s Catering and the Indiana State Museum joined this fun number moment by offering a special Farmer’s Market Cafe treat, the Classic L.S. Ayres Tea Room Chicken Pot Pie! Guests that dined in the café on Saturday had the rare opportunity to enjoy the L.S. Ayres favorite outside of the Tea Room’s regular season. This year’s Pi Day was more special than years past. At 9:26am on March 14th, Pi was present on the clock up to the 7th digit!

Kahn's Catering Farmer's Market Cafe

The Classic L.S. Ayres Chicken Pot Pie, available exclusively at the L.S. Ayres Tea Room at the Indiana State Museum.


Sweet, comforting delicious apple pie with a bourbon caramel drizzle, topped with french vanilla ice cream in a flaky puff pastry crust.

Even more notable than that, this November Kahn’s Catering and the Indiana State Museum will welcome the L.S. Ayres Tea Room’s 110th holiday season. The holiday joy will begin in November with the Tea Room’s holiday opening and other holiday affairs at the ISM.

The Farmer’s Market Café at the Indiana State Museum is managed and operated by Kahn’s Catering, the exclusive caterer of the Indiana State Museum. Not only do we cater to weddings, special events, and corporate functions at the museum, our café serves meals daily to those visiting. In addition, the Farmer’s Market Café is also available as a reception space for groups up to 150 guests.


Trained to the highest standard – our own, the Farmer’s Market Cafe service staff is there to provide you with both quality service and a quality meal to make your museum excursion a memorable experience.

Kahn's Catering Farmer's Market Cafe

Our unique cafe setup allows you to order your meal and take a seat so it is delivered to your table without the need to stand and wait.

Using the freshest and finest ingredients available, our café offers a menu featuring food from the heartland with traditional Indiana selections like the Huntington, a Sun-King beer-battered pork tenderloin sandwich, and lighter fare such as Fresh Field salad featuring local Wildflower Ridge honey and cider vinaigrette. The Farmer’s Market Café even offers a gourmet selection of hand-crafted Indiana products perfect for taking home to enjoy or gifting to those needing to taste Hoosier favorites.

Kahn's Catering Farmer's Market Cafe

Our cafe offers a selection of Hoosier heartland favorites to enjoy in your own home.

Kahn's Catering Farmer's Market Cafe

Some Hoosier favorites include barbeque sauces and jams.


Enjoy preserves and other delights both in our cafe and in your own home!

What better way to spend a day than at the Indiana State Museum and a stop off to the Farmer’s Market Café? View the Farmer’s Market Cafe menu.

Full menu available from 11am -2:30pm. Yogurt Bar and Grab-and-Go items available throughout the day.
L. S. Ayres Tea Room will begin taking 2015 holiday reservations in the fall. For more information, call Indiana State Museum at 317.232.1637.

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